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  • Amazon pick for second HQ likely in already overheated housing market

    CoreLogic report shows home prices overvalued in half of shortlisted markets
    The moment we’ve all been waiting on baited breath for finally happened, as Amazon revealed the 20 finalists for its second headquarters, commonly referred to as Amazon HQ2. Amazon is promising billions in investment plus 50,000 "high-paying jobs," but what else might come with that much corporate investment and new high-paying jobs? Higher home prices.
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  • Case-Shiller: Home prices keep rising, hit 31-month high

    January was fifth straight month of record high home prices
    Home prices continued to rise in January, reaching a record-high for the fifth month in a row, according to the new S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller Indices, a measure of U.S. home prices. January's increase places the S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller U.S. National Home Price NSA Index at a 31-month high.
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  • Homeowners waiting longer to break even on buying a home

    Home value appreciation slowing down
    Homeowners are waiting longer to break even after buying a home as home price appreciation slows across the nation. In one city, homeowners are waiting nearly two years longer than in 2015 to break even. However, some cities show waits of just a year and a half to recover from the costs of buying a home.
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  • From HW Magazine

    A holistic approach to gauging housing market performance

    Examining deviations from the trend
    Armed with an overall measure of housing market performance relative to long-term trend; an accompanying metric explaining whether that market is overheated or not; and importantly a way to attribute deviations in home prices precisely to selected market variables, market participants would be in a better position to take precautionary actions to limit their exposure in highly volatile markets.
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  • FNC: Home prices slightly increase

    Home prices up in 16 major metros
    The spring housing market appears to be off to a good start as U.S. home prices continue to climb after dropping unexpectedly in January. According to FNC’s housing economist, psychologically and economically, people prefer to buy homes when prices are rising than when they are falling.
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  • Black Knight: Will homebuying become unaffordable in two years?

    Or maybe even less
    While it’s not alarming that home prices continued to rise, what would this look like if the trend continued, especially given that home prices have already increased year-over-year for 43 consecutive months? With the right economic conditions, in two years, it could be a lot more difficult for people to afford a home.
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  • Black Knight: Home prices see largest monthly gain in two years

    Home Price Index now just 8.4% below June 2006 peak
    The month of March saw the largest monthly gain in home prices in nearly two years, according to a new report from Black Knight Financial Services. Click through to see which states are performing the best and the worst. But note that the worst ones aren't even that bad right now.
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  • How badly will low oil prices impact home values?

    HouseCanary and Goldman Sachs weigh plummet in prices
    With oil prices trending down again, the impact of the oil’s new normal will soon be felt throughout the housing industry, especially in cities whose economy is dependent from oil and gas drilling. Where will the impact be felt the most?
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