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  • How expertise-on-demand can improve quality control for servicers

    Outsourcing to a skilled third party provides flexibility and consistency
    Loan servicers have to navigate a continuously changing mortgage landscape. New regulatory requirements, turnover of experienced talent and other factors are all making the mortgage servicing business more turbulent than ever. But perhaps the biggest challenge, especially for small, growing and non-bank servicers, is ensuring that quality control is maintained even when new demands emerge.
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TMS obtains provisional approval for three blockchain servicing patents

    Three patents will introduce servicing data and records to the blockchain
    Financial services and mortgage company TMS announced it has received provisional approval for three blockchain-related servicing patents. The company explained that through its subservicing platform SIME, or Servicing Intelligence Made Easy, the three patents will introduce servicing data and records to the blockchain for the first time. 
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  • MBA Servicing: What does the future of mortgage servicing look like?

    Panel calls for more innovation in servicing
    Leaders from the FHFA, USDA and VA took the stage at the Mortgage Bankers Association’s Servicing conference Tuesday to talk about the future of mortgage servicing. So what does that future look like? More M&A, more tech investment and, if you’ve got a really long lens, more standardization.
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  • Servicers embrace digital empowerment to boost customer retention

    Black Knight's Servicing Digital provides robust information about customer real estate assets
    Customer satisfaction and engagement are critical for servicers to build lasting relationships and retain clients. Servicer retention rates dropped to 10-year lows in 2Q 2017, with servicers losing business from nearly 80% of their borrowers. Improving mortgage retention rates increases the likelihood a consumer will continue working with their existing bank or mortgage provider on their next financial decision, such as a home equity loan or their next mortgage. Black Knight, a leading mortgage industry fintech, has developed a unique solution to aid servicers in building these relationships, increasing retention and achieving future business growth.
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  • From HW Magazine

    FICS' third generation provides more functionality for clients and borrowers

    The multi-year rewrite included all servicing and origination software systems to a Microsoft .NET platform
    Most mortgage lenders are looking for ways to automate their mortgage servicing operations in order to cut costs, maintain profitability and effectively manage their compliance and reporting to the various agencies. FICS provides clients with the necessary software to accomplish these goals while simultaneously improving the borrower experience.
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  • From HW Magazine

    Mortgage servicers are turning to a partner with technology to tailor client-specific strategies

    Altisource delivers a suite of customized solutions powered by scale
    As the size and composition of distressed portfolios change, maintaining compliant processes and systems, as well as a trained staff of experts, creates an increasingly difficult challenge for servicers. Instead, mortgage servicers are turning to a partner with the technology and experience to tailor client-specific strategies and engagements for ongoing success.
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  • Servicers must adjust operation policies to meet HUD conveyance deadlines and avoid delays

    Q&A with Michael Greenbaum on the role HUD plays for conveyance deadlines
    Reconveyances are one of the biggest challenges mortgage servicers face. With constant changes in leadership, guidelines, HUD vendors and the interpretations of regulations, servicers face significant hurdles with FHA loans. Michael Greenbaum, COO of Safeguard Properties, talks about the steps servicers can take to meet conveyance deadlines and the expansion of FHA's CWCOT program.
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  • The evolving role of chief compliance officers in selecting technology and vendors

    Digital food for thought
    [Expert commentary] The digital mortgage promise is compelling: new technology and better workflow to meet all needs and requirements — all built for compliance and protecting participants from unnecessary risk but it's not guaranteed. As technology is evaluated and implemented, chief compliance officers must have a seat at the table.
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