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  • American Homes 4 Rent, American Residential Properties complete merger

    A single-family rental giant is born
    In a move that creates a giant in the single-family rental space, American Homes 4 Rent and American Residential Properties announced Tuesday that the companies finalized their merger. According to a release from the companies, the merger "enhances the size" of American Homes 4 Rent, which was already the "largest publicly traded single-family rental company."
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  • American Homes 4 Rent announces merger with American Residential Properties

    Two of the fastest-growing companies in housing form SFR monolith
    In a move that will create the largest publicly traded single-family rental home company, American Homes 4 Rent announced Thursday that it will merge with American Residential Properties. The merger will increase American Homes 4 Rent’s total single-family rental portfolio to 47,315 homes.
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  • American Homes 4 Rent revenue explodes in first quarter

    It’s a good time to be in the rental business
    Riding a hefty increase in net operating income generate by leased properties, American Homes 4 Rent reported a revenue increase of 70.5% in the first quarter. With an increasing portfolio, things are only looking up for the company.
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  • National Rental Home Council names inaugural board of directors

    Members are nation's largest single-family rental owner-operators
    The National Rental Home Council, a trade group made up of the nation’s largest owner-operators in the single-family rental space, announced its first board of directors. The NRHC said that the establishment of a board of directors will help to expand on the work the group has already done.
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  • American Homes 4 Rent acquires 900 new properties

    Boosts single-family portfolio with purchase from Ellington Housing
    American Homes 4 Rent has grown its portfolio of single-family rental housing with the acquisition of 900 new properties from Ellington Housing. With the acquisition, American Homes 4 Rent now owns more than 31,000 single-family properties in selected submarkets in 22 states.
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  • American Homes 4 Rent misses earnings expectations

    Posts net loss of $12.8M on $110.4M 3Q14 revenues
    A leader and pioneer in the field of single-family rental securitizations, American Homes 4 Rent reported third quarter earnings per share of $0.15, missing analyst expectations by $0.02, but with revenue for the quarter printing at $110.4 million versus the consensus estimate of $109.2 million. The company had a net loss of $12.8 million for the third quarter of 2014.
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  • Meet the new guidelines for single-family rentals

    National Rental Home Council releases operating guidelines
    The National Rental Home Council, the trade group for single-family rental homes created by the largest owner-operators in the space, has released operational guidelines for the entire single-family rental industry.
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