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  • It's official: Dow finally passes 20K milestone

    "Trump Rally" reignites after Trump signed executive orders
    After flirting with the milestone for weeks, the Dow finally passed 20,000 for the first time ever. Some are calling the sudden surge the “Trump Rally” reigniting. But what caused this increase, and will it last?
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  • Investors rethink crowded Trump trade

    Sell stock, buy bonds
    The Wall Street Journal's Markets section today discussed a shift from investments in stocks over to bonds. The authors say investors are “recalibrating their conviction” in the Trump trade, a term used to describe market volatility in the wake of the presidential election outcome.
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  • Stocks mixed: S&P down but Dow hits new record high

    All three indexes closed at record highs Tuesday
    Stocks are mixed today after hitting all-time highs Tuesday night. While Dow continues to see new highs, the rest of the market is beginning to inch down. One expert explains that worries about a Trump presidency seem to be subsiding.
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  • People more concerned about economy after Brexit

    Consumer Sentiment expected to hit normal levels by end of July
    After Brexit, many consumers, especially in the top third of income earners, have a less optimistic view of the current economy. Many of these consumers, in fact, were impacted personally by the stocks dropping after the Brexit vote.
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  • Ocwen and Altisource bouncing back?

    Numbers up following Ocwen’s good news
    After the plummet over the past week, Ocwen and Altisource may be bouncing back. The stock in each company is back to what it was at the beginning of last week. The report could mean an upgrade in Ocwen’s rating by S&P.
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  • Economic strength hinges on China

    All eyes now on the Fed
    One of the worst weeks for the stock market this year is coming to a close, but the worst may not be over. The country continues to question the health of China's economy, along with whether the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates next month.
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