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  • “Whole-tail” lenders: The entire premise of BRAWL is flawed

    Say bad rep coming from vocal minority giving incorrect details
    Earlier this year, a group of mortgage brokers started an initiative against certain wholesale lenders, calling out their practices, but one of those lenders is fighting back against those claims. The top lender for 2016 said the entire premise of BRAWL – that some wholesale lenders are safe to sell to while others are not – is flawed.
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    United Wholesale Mortgage

    Consistent tech innovations lead mortgage brokers to United Wholesale Mortgage

    UWM attracts brokers with its tech-focused development
    [Sponsored Content] In a fairly dated industry when it comes to tech, where the only consistent change is the variation of daily interest rates, UWM is a breath of fresh air in the mortgage industry with a seemingly endless stream of technology advancements and innovation.
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  • UWM CEO: Here's why we stand with BRAWL

    Why is this movement happening now?
    The BRAWL, Brokers Rallying Against Whole-tail Lending, movement is pushing back against the way things have always been in the wholesale lending space. HousingWire is talking to wholesale lenders on both sides of the fence to get their perspective on the movement that’s disrupting the space. Mat Ishbia, president and CEO of United Wholesale Mortgage, one of the "good ones," shares his thoughts.
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  • Did Bill Dallas shutter most of NewLeaf Wholesale?

    Sources: Layoffs mixed with plans to buy retail/wholesale/reverse platform
    Here’s what we’ve heard so far: Bill Dallas told national sales leader Tom Conklin that he was letting nearly everyone at NewLeaf go, in order to finalize a secret mortgage lender acquisition he was reportedly chasing.
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    Mortgage brokers BRAWL with untrustworthy wholesale lenders

    New advocacy group defines "good" wholesale partners
    The group has submitted a BRAWL-endorsed list of wholesale lenders that do wholesale business the “right way” – wholesale lenders that support the broker channel and do no more than 20% of their business on the retail side. On the flip side, they also named the lenders that are notorious for flipping leads over to their retail channels and permanently stealing customers. 
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  • Ocwen shutting down largest origination channel; exiting wholesale forward lending

    Nonbank also settles with 2 more states
    Ocwen Financial quietly announced earlier this year that it planned to exit correspondent lending to focus on its “higher margin” channels – retail and wholesale. As it turns out, the company’s focus on wholesale lending lasted all of two months. Ocwen revealed Thursday that it plans to exit its wholesale forward lending business, shutting down its largest origination channel.
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  • CoreVest expands into wholesale lending for real estate investors

    Seeks brokers who serve investors
    CoreVest American Finance Lender, the lender formerly known as Colony American Finance, is expanding into wholesale lending for real estate investors. To lead the company’s expansion into wholesale lending, CoreVest hired Samuel Bjelac to serve as vice president of wholesale lending.
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  • Consumer direct lender Jet Direct Mortgage expanding into wholesale

    Launches wholesale lending operation after “successful” testing period
    Jet Direct Mortgage, a consumer direct lender based in New York, announced this week that it is expanding into wholesale lending with the launch of Jet Direct Funding. In a release, the company said that it recently completed a “successful” testing period for its wholesale channel and is now accepting mortgage broker applications.
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  • Wholesale originator Western Bancorp acquired by Eli Global, plans expansion

    Western Bancorp run by LoanCity founder Rick Soukoulis
    Western Bancorp, a Silicon Valley-based wholesale mortgage originator, said this week that it plans to grow its business after being acquired by Eli Global, a private equity firm based in North Carolina. With the financial backing of Eli Global, Western Bancorp said that it also intends to “quickly expand” its operations beyond Silicon Valley and enter into new wholesale channels, including non-delegated and mini-correspondent.
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  • Open Mortgage expands into wholesale lending

    Launches wholesale program for purchase and reverse mortgages
    Open Mortgage, an Austin, Texas-based mortgage lender, announced Wednesday that it is expanding its mortgage offerings and adding a wholesale lending channel for purchase and reverse mortgages. Here are the details.
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