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  • How data and technology innovation are transforming valuations

    Technological paradigm shift underway is setting a new standard for valuations
    [Expert commentary] Technology innovation is rapidly permeating every aspect of mortgage lending to streamline the loan manufacturing process and open the door to a better borrower experience. We are already seeing a measurable reduction in turn times with no degradation in quality, and more progress is expected. The desire to achieve more efficient and accurate valuations that will bring consumers to the closing table faster is no longer an aspiration, but a reality.  
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  • CoreLogic acquires a la mode

    Claims it’s the next step to its end-to-end valuation solution
    CoreLogic, a property information, analytics and data-enabled services provider, announced Thursday that it acquired a la mode technologies as part of the continued growth of its valuations division. But appraisers are wary of the change, asking, “what doesn’t CoreLogic own?”
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  • AMCs respond to FHFA report they bring little value to appraisals

    Just as likely to make mistakes
    When commissioning an appraisal, do AMCs provide a better valuation to mortgage lenders? The FHFA says no and AMCs are not happy: "Our review of the research has uncovered real concerns about the methodology, measures of quality, errors and the insertion of staff opinion that seems to indicate bias."
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  • Class Appraisal acquired by Narrow Gauge Capital

    Valuations and appraisal management solutions provider acquired by private equity firm
    Private equity firm Narrow Gauge Capital announced it has acquired Class Appraisal, a valuations and appraisal management solutions provider. “We have made great progress over the past several years and are excited to work with Narrow Gauge to enhance our market-leading position,” said Jon Tallinger, Class Appraisal's vice president of sales and marketing.
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  • LendingLife reader: “Only a handful of AMCs will remain in a few years”

    Industry left scrambling for solutions?
    Last week readers of LendingLife got a first look at the Veros, Valligent partnership promising to cut mortgage lending cost. In that article, it's written that a big part of that cost savings would be taking the legwork out of valuations. More importantly, the news set off some responses from LendingLife readers, not just on the partnership, but on the state of the valuations industry as a whole.
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  • From HW Magazine

    Clear Capital's technology provides analytics-driven workflow

    ClearCollateral platform unlocks radical efficiency
    The ClearCollateral Platform is built around a near real-time property database. This means that when the local market changes, Clear Capital clients are the first to know. Property data and analytics are available right where they need them, whether it’s intelligence informing the right type of valuation to be ordered or context during collateral underwriting.
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  • From HW Magazine

    First American Mortgage Solutions improves valuation quality and speed

    Meeting lender demand for data-enabled appraisals
    First American Mortgage Solutions, which is focused on developing innovative web-based, data-driven solutions, is changing the valuation landscape with its Smarter Valuations offering, a unique combination of assets that offers lenders increased efficiency and greater accuracy for a better, faster consumer experience.
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  • From HW Magazine

    Who cares about property valuations?

    Why working as a team is the only way to reach more homeowners
    In order to accomplish our goal of closing loans, each player must accept that they are part of a larger team and acknowledge the other players and allow them to perform their jobs. Rather than the listing agent loading the appraiser up with 20 potential “comps” at the time of the inspection, or the loan officer continually calling the appraiser to see when the report will be completed, why not trust that they are competent in their area of expertise and let them perform their job without interference or pressure?
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  • Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Countrywide, LandSafe accused of fraudulent appraisals during housing boom

    Plus, Mueller says Manafort committed mortgage malfeasance
    In today's Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: A federal judge recently granted class-action status to a lawsuit alleging that Countrywide Financial used LandSafe to conduct “sham” appraisals to increase the number of loans Countrywide originated during the mid-2000s. Plus, former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort was accused of some mortgage misconduct. Click the headline for more.
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