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  • Legendary Wall Street buyout firm KKR doubles down on house flipping

    Billionaires Henry Kravis and George Roberts bet big on "flip loans"
    Legendary Wall Street buyout firm KKR is doubling down on house flipping. The private equity firm run by billionaires Henry Kravis and George Roberts is putting another $250 million into Toorak Capital Partners, which buys short-term loans made to real estate investors who buy and flip houses.
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  • ATTOM: Lending for home flipping climbs to 11-year high in 2018

    However, home flipping is expected to slow down as mortgage rates cool off
    Throughout 2018, home flip lending volume rose by 8%, coming in at an 11-year high, according to ATTOM Data Solutions' latest U.S. Home Flipping Report. ATTOM Data Solutions Chief Product Officer Todd Teta said with mortgage rates remaining strong and people staying in their homes longer, we have started to see a bit of a flipping slowdown.
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  • SEC accuses California men of running $2.18 million home flipping scam

    Allegedly took investor funds for personal use
    The Securities and Exchange Commission is charging two California men with running a home flipping scam that defrauded dozens of investors out of their retirement savings. According to the SEC, the men actually purchased some properties, and were successful in turning a profit by flipping those properties, but did not make enough money to cover the money they took for their own use.
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  • Goldman Sachs acquires real estate development lender Genesis Capital

    Acquisition allows Genesis to provide offerings on a national basis
    Goldman Sachs announced it acquired Genesis Capital, a specialty commercial lending platform for professional residential real estate developers, reflecting the growing demand for financing for home flippers. The announcement also reinforces the extreme need for more housing inventory across the country. Here's how the company plans to grow on a national scale with the backing of Goldman Sachs.
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  • Top zip codes for housing investments

    Best area for home flipping and rentals
    As home prices rise, investors seek to buy homes which they can either sell for a profit or rent out. The new Neighborhood Housing Index from ATTOM Data Solutions measures the best zip codes for home flippers and rental investments. Here are the top five in each category.
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  • Home flipping hits 10-year high in 2016

    Profits reach new record
    More investors are entering the home-flipping market than at any point since 2007, pushing the number of homes flipped to a 10-year high. And why wouldn’t investors jump on board? Profits are now higher than they’ve ever been.
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  • House flipping is back…in California, at least

    Wall Street Journal reports on return of flippers
    House flipping, which served as one of the canaries in the coal mine before the house collapse, is apparently back on the map, in California, at least. In the words of one flipper, “the floodgates have opened” when it comes to finding financing for flipping.
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  • Home flipping comes down off 6-year high

    Investors buying with cash drops to 8-year low
    Home flipping came down off of last month’s high as inventory pushed home prices up and competition closer. A new report from ATTOM Data Solutions details the decrease, and the new low in investors using cash to buy the home.
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  • Home flipping reaches 6-year high

    Why it’s not a repeat of 2006
    The number of investors flipping homes reached the highest level since before the housing crisis. ATTOM Data Solutions’ senior vice president emphasized, however, that there are key differences between today and the last housing bubble.
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