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  • Case-Shiller: Renting could become more attractive than home buying in 2018

    Home prices rise 6% annually
    Home prices increased in October, and experts are beginning to fear 2018 could block many potential buyers out of the housing market, forcing them to rent. The Chairman of the Index Committee explained that since home prices are rising faster than wages, salaries, and inflation, some areas could see potential home buyers compelled to look at renting.
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  • Case Shiller: Home prices rise at fastest pace since 2014

    All top 20 U.S. cities see increases
    Home prices increased in September at their fastest pace in more than three years, the latest Case-Shiller report shows. And one expert explained home prices are not close to letting up, saying, most economic indicators suggest that home prices can see further gains.
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  • Economists: Case-Shiller increase represents highest gain in 3 years

    Tight market to continue pushing home prices higher
    Home prices increased 5.8% annually in June, according to Case-Shiller results, and experts explain this is the highest annual increase for any month in the past three years. And they warn not to expect the increases to let up anytime soon as high demand and tight inventory continue to squeeze home prices higher.
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  • Case-Shiller: Housing is not repeating the bubble period

    Home prices increase in May
    Home prices increased annually and monthly in May, Case-Shiller results show, however the index’s chairman explained these continued increases do not indicate a rising bubble period. He demonstrated the difference seen in today’s housing market, and the market from 2000 to 2006.
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  • Home prices climb 5.5% in April

    Seattle, Portland and Dallas see highest gains
    Home prices increased once again in April, though at a slower pace than the previous month. The S&P Dow Jones Indices’ managing director explained home prices cannot continue to increase without limit. But will home price gains gently slow or will they crash and take the economy down with them?
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  • Seller's market: Experts predict home prices will just keep rising

    Good news for sellers, but buyers face a daunting reality
    Case-Shiller results showed home prices increased at their fastest annual pace in nearly three years. Now, experts are saying that pace won’t slow anytime soon. And while this is good news for sellers, experts explain buyers face a different and more daunting reality – competition is fierce, budgets may be strained and nerves will be frayed.
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