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  • Reverse Focus launches website development service for HECM LOs

    Offers customizable sites designed to enhance marketing and lead generation
    Mortgage solutions company Reverse Focus has announced the launch of its website service for reverse mortgage originators. offers “turn-key, power-packed” websites designed for HECM LOs who are looking to market their services, elevate their online presence and expedite lead generation.
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  • News Corp’s Move acquiring Texas real estate startup Opcity for $210 million

    Company matches homebuyers and sellers with real estate agents
    Move, which is owned by media giant News Corp and operates for the National Association of Realtors, is about to grow its real estate empire by acquiring a Texas-based real estate technology startup that claims its technology can match qualified homebuyers and sellers with real estate agents in real-time. News Corp announced late Wednesday that Move is acquiring Opcity, which was founded in 2015, for $210 million.
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  • Marketing: The Key to Effective Reverse Mortgage Advertising

    For more than 20 years I have been creating marketing campaigns in several industries that, fortunately, have been very successful. Our company is currently focused on the reverse mortgage industry and the massive potential that 79 million baby boomers bring. The intent of my article is to provide you with marketing ideas that have proved effective and are easy to implement. I hope I can offer you some insight into how you can achieve better results from your advertising efforts.The Key One of the keys in advertising is realizing that truly effective marketing is in getting people to act—and act
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  • Originating: A New Perspective on Lead Generation

    This past month, The Reverse Review received a particularly interesting question and we chose it to be the topic of this month’s article. Q: Are there any reputable lead sources that members use? A: I do want to thank the person who submitted that question because it sparked some spirited debate in our offices at Reverse Mortgage Success. What follows is our response: There are some good as well as bad lead companies, but unfortunately we don’t have one in particular we can recommend to you. WHY? In our experience, what may be a good lead source today may turn
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