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  • How Rep. Scott Garrett’s anti-gay views are splintering Wall Street

    Bloomberg digs deep on influential member of Committee on Financial Services
    Rep. Scott Garrett, R-N.J., holds undeniable influence on the country’s financial system, and especially the country’s housing financial system. But Garrett’s personal views on the Republican Party’s support of gay candidates place him at the center of a storm that’s currently ripping apart both his party and Wall Street as well.
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  • From HW Magazine

    Two housing reform efforts

    Mortgage securitization as a common thread
    Seventy-five years after the founding of Fannie Mae and five years into the government-sponsored enterprise’s conservatorship with sibling Freddie Mac, housing finance reform is gaining steam and looks to be the dominant legislative battle of 2014.
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  • House Republicans propose closing down FHA

    As Congress slowly debates the future of housing finance, a group of House Republicans led by Justin Amash (R-MI) has proposed taking the government out of lending altogether using a 5-year phased plan. A one page document summarizing H.R. 3550, The New Fair Deal Banking and Housing Stability Act of 2013, has been making the rounds on the Hill.
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  • Legislative: CIS Honors Rep. Tom Latham

    Reverse mortgage advocacy group the Coalition for Independent Seniors (CIS) honored Rep. Tom Latham (R-Iowa) for his continued contributions to the HECM program. CIS board members met June 27 on Capitol Hill to present the congressman with the 2012 Friend of CIS award.“This award commemorates Representative Latham’s support of reverse mortgages for the financial independence of seniors, including constituents in Iowa and around the country,” said CIS Executive Director H. West Richards. “The congressman has demonstrated leadership for the industry and has helped to afford many seniors financial freedom through the use of reverse mortgages by supporting the HECM program
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