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  • Redfin: Housing demand climbs 5.1% in September

    Driven by growth in early-stage homebuying activity
    Housing demand increased in September, climbing 5.1%, according to new data from Redfin’s monthly Housing Demand Index. According to the analysis, housing demand still remains double digits below last year’s levels.
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  • Las Vegas sees boom in housing starts

    Hits highest level since 2008
    Housing starts in Las Vegas, Nevada, surged to housing boom levels at the end of 2017. However, these new homes are increasingly being built as more expensive, trade-up homes. In 2016, 42% of homes built were priced below $300,000, but in 2017, only 21% were built below that price line.
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  • Amherst Capital: Amazon’s HQ2 choice to drive local housing demand up to 25%

    HQ2's future location will see an uptick in demand
    Real estate investment firm Amherst Capital Management released market commentary on Wednesday outlining the potential impact Amazon’s second headquarters could have on the already hot housing markets of the 20 cities being eyed by the ecommerce giant. Amherst Capital says: "Whether small or large, the area in which HQ2 eventually locates will be set for a housing market bump.”
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  • New homes becoming more affordable in Texas metros

    Competition still high as days on market decrease
    The rolling 12-month average of new home prices in Texas dipped in July from June, but it is not due to the lack of housing demand. In fact, the number of days on market dropped in all four of Texas’ major metropolitan areas. Here’s why home prices could be slowing down in the Lone Star State.
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  • Not even housing inventory crisis can stop homebuyers

    Demand reaches highest point ever
    On the list of factors preventing potential homebuyers from entering the market, you can mark off rising home prices, dwindling inventory and fierce competition, which all seem to have little effect on the increasing demand for homes. In fact, Redfin’s Housing Demand Index hit an all-new high in May.
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  • Existing home sales report shows buyers are desperate to get a home

    Battling low inventory, buyers face "cutthroat competition"
    Existing home sales increased in May despite the dropping levels of housing inventory. Experts said this is a testament to just how strong the draw to homeownership is right now for millions of Americans. And this demand won’t fall off, nor will the pendulum meaningfully swing back in favor of buyers any time soon.
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  • Builder confidence subsides slightly in April

    Comes down off unusually high March reading
    Homebuilder confidence fell off from the high reported in March, decreasing three points in the Housing Market Index in April. However, despite this decrease, experts point out that builder confidence remains at solid levels.
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