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  • Follow the money: Inside an emerging trend that could bring relief to home prices

    Shift to commercial investment could be solution to tension in single-family housing
    Home prices have been appreciating rapidly as the housing shortage and other economic factors keep upward pressure on the median price point in the U.S. The trend looks nigh invincible as a strong economy and rising interest rates cement it into place. But, what if there was a developing trend that could ease that pressure?
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  • Seattle unites to save historic music venue from being bulldozed for apartments

    In face of multifamily development, Seattle fights tooth-and-nail for historic Showbox theater
    Advocates won a big victory in their quest to save the historic Showbox theater in Seattle, which was on the cusp of being demolished and replaced by a brand new apartment tower development. The Seattle City Council passed an ordinance this week to temporarily expand the Pike Place Market Historic District to include the site of the legendary music hall, thereby saving the building, for now.
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  • Class-A rent is still growing in a handful of U.S. markets

    Despite overall softening in nationwide Class-A rent, these markets are still soaring
    Despite nationally slowing rent growth in Class-A multifamily product, some markets are defying the odds and posting significant Class-A rent growth. Here's a breakdown of which markets are on the upswing in the Class-A segment.
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  • Real estate CEO: We need more affordable housing to support the economy

    Local economies are suffering from a loss of service employees thanks to a lack of affordability
    For local economies to thrive, affordable housing must be built. According to Blake Plumley, CEO of Capital Pursuits, a real estate development and management firm, the affordable housing crisis is having tangible effects on local economies as it puts the squeeze on service workers who must relocate to find places to live.
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  • Same rent, different day: Multifamily mighty at midway point in 2018

    Freddie Mac predicts strength in the multifamily market with moderate corrections to continue
    It looks the multifamily housing market is going to continue its strong performance with continued gradual correction, according to Freddie Mac, which just released its mid-year multifamily outlook. Same rent, different day. Rent growth remains healthy at the national level as continued demand keeps multifamily afloat.
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  • Fisticuffs in Beverly Hills: Mom-and-pop multifamily vs. regulations

    The Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles is challenging Beverly Hills in court
    The Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles filed a federal lawsuit against the City of Beverly Hills on behalf of apartment tenants and owners seeking relief from the city’s Rent Stabilization Ordinance. The crux of the case is what the plaintiffs feel is an unnecessary regulatory burden on mom-and-pop owner/operators.
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  • Greystone goes on a hiring tear

    Commercial real estate firm expanding to accommodate demand for CRE loans
    Commercial real estate company Greystone is on a nationwide hiring tear as it expands its presence in response to increased demand for CRE loans and the emergence of a special appetite for small-balance loans in the investment community.
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