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  • San Francisco Chronicle: California can’t divert mortgage relief funds to pay off state debt

    Court says state must use $331 million to help homeowners
    California took the money from the 2012 settlement and, instead of using it for mortgage relief, used it to balance the state’s financial ledgers. “Nice try, Sacramento, but the rules don’t work that way when it comes to diverting public money to ease bureaucratic pain,” the Chronicle’s Editorial Board said in an opinion piece.
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  • Reality star Joe Giudice heads to federal prison

    Faces deportation to Italy
    It's tough being in the spotlight, especially if you're headed to prison. Joe Giudice arrived at Fort Dix Federal Correctional Institution in New Jersey to begin his 41-month sentence for bankruptcy fraud. However, the convicted criminal's troubles are just beginning.
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  • Former TierOne Bank CEO gets 11 years in federal prison

    Charged with fraudulently concealing loan and real estate losses
    On Wednesday, U.S. District Judge John Gerrard ordered the former CEO of TierOne Bank to 11 years in prison. Why? Well, as it turns out, what happens in Vegas doesn't always stay in Vegas, especially when it comes to defrauding investors. Here's a breakdown of the criminal activity.
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  • GE gets subpoena over subprime mortgage operation

    DOJ investigating whether GE broke any laws from 2005 to 2007
    GE disclosed in its annual report on Friday that its lending unit, GE Capital, and defunct subprime lending unit WMC, received subpoenas in January. GE said it will cooperate with the Justice Department's investigation, which is at an early stage.
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  • Former Texas housing officials sentenced for bribery scheme

    Pleaded guilty in taking bribes from Section 8 applicants
    Two former Hidalgo, Texas housing officials were sentenced for conspiracy to commit bribery. The officials admitted they took bribes from Section 8 housing applicants in exchange for letting them skip the waiting line to immediately obtain housing assistance from the local Housing Authority.
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  • REIT executives served with grand jury subpoenas

    UDF facing a federal investigation
    After the Federal Bureau of Investigation raided residential finance and investment firm United Development Funding, executives were reportedly served grand jury subpoenas to provide documents related to the operations of the firm.
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  • CFPB pushes to expose anonymous companies that sue it

    Legal battle erupts over naming plaintiffs
    Arguing that companies that sue it should not be granted anonymity, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is asking a federal judge to reveal the names of several companies that are anonymously suing the agency after a lawyer representing the group was denied entry into an investigative hearing.
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