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  • 2017 was the best year for existing home sales since 2006

    But weak December dents progress
    Despite a weak December ending a trend of two straight months of increases, there were still more existing homes sold last year than in any year since 2006. Last year's total of 5.51 million homes sold bests 2016’s total of 5.45 million and becomes the highest that figure has been since 2006, when there were 6.48 million existing homes sold.
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  • Existing home sales set to end the year at highest point since 2006

    Home prices to slow in 2018
    Pending home sales inched up slightly in November, indicating home sales may rise to their highest point since 2006. But even as home sales increase at the end of this year, headed into 2018, NAR forecasts existing home sales and home price growth will slow primarily due to the altered tax benefits of homeownership in some high cost areas.
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  • Existing home sales surge past decade high

    All major regions see hike in sales activity
    Existing home sales increased for the third straight month to their highest point in more than a decade. But as homes fly off the market, the housing market is unable to keep up with the growing demand, driving up home prices and causing dwindling inventory.
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  • Pending home sales suddenly rebound in October

    Remain below last year’s levels
    Pending home sales rebounded in October, reaching its highest point since June after three months of declines. The increase was driven by a sudden jump in the South, which is recovering from recent hurricane activity. However, as experts expected, pending home sales remain below last year’s levels.
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  • Existing home sales hit highest pace since summer months

    But drop annually for second consecutive month
    Home sales increased in October, however they remained below last year’s levels for the second consecutive month. Experts explained the market continues to struggle with rising home prices and limited inventory, problems which will continue to plague the market into next year.
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  • Existing home sales reverse course, increase in September

    Hurricanes cause numbers to fall short from last year
    Existing home sales increased for the first time after seeing three straight months of declines, beating expectations that September would also see a decline in home sales. However, one expert warns again being overly optimistic about the latest report.
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  • Ten-X: Home sales were falling even before the hurricanes

    Predicts yet another drop in September
    While it might seem easy, or even logical, to blame the hurricanes for the slow down in home sales, Ten-X says home sales were slowing down even before the hurricanes hit. Now, the company says the housing market is likely to suffer over the next few months as the economic disruption caused by the hurricanes exacerbates the dual problems of low inventory and escalating home prices.
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  • NAR: Persistent, slow home sales mean housing market is now "essentially stalled"

    Sales drop for fifth time in six months
    Pending home sales dropped in August for the fifth time in six months to the lowest level since January 2016. This decrease even caused the National Association of Realtors to revise its forecast for the year. NAR now predicts 2017 will see a slight drop in existing home sales from the year before.
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  • Existing home sales drop to lowest point since last year

    Supply levels continue to subdue activity
    Existing home sales decreased for the third consecutive month to the lowest point since last year. While some experts point to hurricanes Irma and Harvey, others say these happened too soon to affect the data in August. One thing they agree on: the lack of housing inventory continues to hold back home sales.
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