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  • From HW Magazine

    Why immigrants are crucial to the housing market

    The driving force behind 40% of housing demand, and growing
    Despite all the media attention focused on Hispanic immigrants, the fastest-growing group of immigrants is actually Asians and, more specifically, Indians. Indians as well as Chinese-Americans are also more likely to own than rent.
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  • Here are winter’s top 5 hottest single-family housing markets

    Ten-X report shows markets to watch out for in 2016
    Of the five markets highlighted in Ten-X's winter 2015 single-family market rankings, only Las Vegas is new to the top five, jumping from 20th place to fifth place. The top three — Seattle, Fort Lauderdale, and Orlando — remain unchanged, while Portland squeezed ahead one spot from fifth place to fourth place.
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  • From HW Magazine

    Fed rate hikes: No need for consumers to worry

    Borrowers should be looking at other factors, not interest rate hikes
    Factors that affect the yield on 10-year Treasuries will over time be reflected in mortgage rates. Two of these are inflation and economic conditions. We have enjoyed a low inflation environment for a number of years but if we had a bout of higher inflation it would lead to higher rates as investors in bonds require additional compensation for a loss in buying power.
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  • American Millennials infuriated with the lacking housing market

    Is there too much competition from foreign investors?
    As the housing market recovers from its horrific crash from a few years ago, it is expected to pick up heading into the spring homebuying season. But it’s not looking good to Millennials as they can’t afford to buy a home. One of the reasons why it is said to be infuriating.
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  • These are the top 5 most vacant cities in the U.S.

    Not quite ghost towns, yet
    The housing market continues to recover from the recent financial crisis. For the month of February, a recent RealtyTrac report shows that vacancy and “zombie foreclosures” are down 4% from a year ago nationwide. However, there are still some minority markets where its increasing.
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