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  • Stearns Lending launches app for brokers

    App aims to personalize lending experience
    Stearns Lending announced this week the launch of new mobile app that gives brokers and borrowers a platform to digitally streamline the lending process. bsnap, which is free and available to download on both Google Play and Apple’s App store, provides borrowers lending documentation and more.
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    Freddie Mac

    Freddie Mac leverages big data to improve the mortgage lending experience

    Automated Collateral Evaluation helps lenders decide if a property needs an appraisal
    “Big data” is a hot topic these days, especially in the financial industry. We know plenty about big data. At Freddie Mac, we have 40+ years of historical data—drawn from millions of mortgage records. But big data alone doesn’t deliver innovation. It’s what you do with it that matters.
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    Arch MI

    RateStar expands lenders' origination opportunities in a competitive market

    Will Vickers of Arch MI explains the benefits of the dynamic pricing engine
    With home prices across the country increasing and interest rates also on the rise, lenders are looking for ways to help borrowers afford homeownership. Arch MI RateStar is a dynamic MI pricing solution that expands lenders’ origination opportunities in a competitive market.
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  • Don’t be a headline reader

    Read the whole story
    [Op-ed] We're all short on time but don't let that deter you from reading the whole story. Headlines are great for short attention spans and cliff notes, but not for understanding the importance of the details. You are going to have to take the time to dive deeper into subjects if you want to grow your business and hit that next level.
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  • Real-time immersion in your company will save you millions of dollars

    3 tips to succeed in any lending environment
    [Expert commentary] The housing market is prone to fluctuations. This is far from earth-shattering news, and yet mortgage companies are still losing millions – and, in some cases, the entire company. Stay ahead of the ups and downs of the market, and create an operations and leadership approach where real-time immersion keeps your business moving forward. Here are three tips to succeed in any lending environment.
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  • From HW Magazine

    What's next in mortgage compliance?

    It's not just fintech - it's regtech
    The goal over the past few years has been to move compliance from a manual to an automated process, and more specifically moving from the post-close sampling process to the point of origination process. But, as we’ve discussed, the level of automation has been relatively basic, and more focused on preventing errors than taking friction and delays out of the underwriting and review processes.
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  • Borrowers love Wells Fargo’s 3% down program

    Program makes up about 3% of new apps
    First-time homebuyers are taking a liking to Wells Fargo’s 3% down program as applications came in at $1 billion during the program’s first month. Wells Fargo spoke about the success of the program on the company’s earnings conference call.
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  • AssetAvenue offers new loan for rental investors

    Considers income possibility over debt-to-income ratio
    Although FirstKey Holdings is reportedly ending its lending program for smaller investors due to high costs, AssetAvenue decided to take a turn at it. The company just announced its new program designed for lenders, which will look at the property’s rent income, rather than the investor’s personal income.
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