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  • This housing market clue predicts pending economic slowdown

    A key indicator of economic health is steadily declining, and it's raising red flags
    When it comes to the health of the economy, the housing market is the canary in the coal mine, providing clear and early clues of pending trouble. And that's why analysts track its performance intently, looking at a multitude of indicators that might signal the looming recession some are forecasting. Now, one critical clue from the housing market has emerged to suggest economic growth is likely to backslide, leaving analysts to conclude an "economic slowdown is likely forthcoming."
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  • New home construction sets strong pace for 2018

    On track for strongest year since housing crisis
    Housing starts increased in January, starting 2018 off at a strong pace; however, it is unclear if that pace will continue. While some experts are predicting a booming year for housing starts, others say January’s pace could have been better.
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  • New home construction increases to meet rising demand

    But increase could be temporary
    Housing starts increased significantly in October, rising 13.7%, however experts are torn about the reason for the increase, and if it will continue. While some say it is a temporary change due to the recent hurricanes, others point out factors that show housing construction will continue to increase.
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  • New home construction suddenly slows in September

    Hurricanes don't account for the drop seen in Western states
    Overall, housing starts decreased in September, however, single-family housing completions showed double digit growth. But after the slight dip in housing starts in August, September’s decrease in building permits suggests this drop may be the start of a new trend.
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  • Economists: July construction numbers disappoint

    Market desperately needs increase in single-family housing
    Single-family construction disappointed expectations in July, and economists are growing more concerned over the lack of housing supply. One economist explained the reason for the construction shortage, despite the high levels of demand.
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  • Home builders slow down construction in July

    Lead by drop in multifamily construction
    Housing starts dropped in July, alongside building permits and housing completions. However, the majority of this decrease stems from a lack of multifamily construction. Single-family housing, while still down from last month, still showed only moderate decreases.
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