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  • Sandler Law Group buys out McGlinchey Stafford & Youngblood and Associates

    Sandler bought the firm to expand its offerings under Tech100 winner Asurity Technologies
    Sandler Law Group, a Texas-based firm that specializes in residential mortgages and owner of Tech100 winner Asurity Technologies, acquired the business operations of McGlinchey Stafford & Youngblood and Associates, a closing and fulfillment services provider for the mortgage the lending industry.
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  • Phillip Schulman, partner at Mayer Brown, to speak at

    Will speak on RESPA co-marketing panel
    Lenders and real estate agents have to be careful as they navigate the murky compliance waters of MSAs, co-advertising arrangements, desk rentals and lead generation agreements. That's why we've invited Phillip Schulman, a partner in Mayer Brown's Washington D.C. office, to lead a discussion at on RESPA and co-marketing concerns.
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  • From HW Magazine

    Threat multiplier: states mobilize to defend consumer protections

    Mortgage companies face increased compliance risks
    In the days following the 2016 election, business leaders across many industries were hopeful that the new president would make good on his promise of widespread deregulation. Banks and other financial institutions were especially optimistic. Here at last was the relief they had been looking for. Or not.
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  • Three emerging cybersecurity trends to focus on in 2018

    These are the trends your company should look out for
    [Expert commentary] We’re now well into the second quarter of 2018, a point where organizations should be well into executing their technology and cybersecurity plans for the year. However, many are still looking for guidance on what products they should be considering, how to align their needs with their limited budgets, or even more simply, how to meet the latest compliance requirements. Here are three emerging trends companies should be focused on for the rest of 2018.
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  • Experts reveal greatest compliance pain points

    And how to overcome them
    While President Donald Trump’s administration has worked to reduce regulations since taking office, compliance continues to be a major problem for many lenders. Panelists from the NEXT Women’s Mortgage Tech Conference explained the changing regulatory environment, compliance issues lenders are facing, and some tips on how to deal.
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  • Fed unveils proposal to soften Volcker rule

    Requests comment from interested parties
    The Federal Reserve unveiled its plan Wednesday to soften regulations within the Volcker rule, which imposes limits on large banks in proprietary investment activities. The Federal Reserve explained it is seeking to reducing banks’ compliance costs while maintaining the rule’s effectiveness and consistency.
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  • Tip for mortgage lenders and compliance officers: A weaker CFPB means stronger state regs

    What can lenders learn from recent AG settlements in Massachusetts and California? 
    [Op-ed] Perhaps no one rejoiced more than mortgage compliance officers at the change in leadership and tone (no more “regulation by enforcement”) at the CFPB. However, before you break out the Champagne, consider that regulators in trend-setting states like California, New York, and others now see a need to ramp up efforts to fill a perceived gap.
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  • Optimal Blue launches social media compliance monitoring

    Solution works in real time
    "In today’s social media landscape, it is imperative to take a proactive approach," explained Scott Happ, CEO of Optimal Blue. “By introducing a comprehensive monitoring module, clients can easily detect and resolve issues before they become costly. This also creates a phenomenal opportunity to train staff and loan officers regarding the compliance responsibilities related to social and digital media.”
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  • Despite what some lenders think, it's a bad time to get lax on compliance

    Experts at Ellie Mae Experience warn about growing risk
    President Donald Trump has made eliminating regulations a top priority of his administration and has tried to limit the reach of one of the chief mortgage regulators — the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. But lenders who interpret that to mean they can relax their compliance efforts are sadly mistaken, according to several panels of experts at the Ellie Mae Encompass conference in Las Vegas.
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