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  • Lenders reveal top business priorities for 2017

    Refocusing efforts to meet needs of post-crisis era
    In a post-crisis world, lenders refocused their priorities to meet the changing needs of the housing market. Fannie Mae’s second quarter survey shows lenders are no longer concerned about topics such as compliance and have moved on to new priorities in 2017.
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  • The industry’s next level of compliance: Preservation via blockchain

    Blockchain technologies provide solutions for proof of compliance
    The mortgage industry needs the ability to prove compliance for their loan products. But they are faced with challenges as the current mortgage compliance consists of rules, procedures and audits—none of which preserve actual proof of compliance. Blockchain technologies can be particularly helpful for these industries.
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  • How can lenders stay compliant amid possible Trump administration regulatory changes?

    Stick with the status quo
    [Commentary] Despite the fact that the Republican Party holds a majority in both houses of Congress, progress on reducing governmental regulatory oversight has been slower than many expected. Without evidence of actual change, lenders and servicers can only continue to work for full compliance with existing regulations. So how should they operate moving forward in this period of uncertainty?
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  • Here's what's wrong with the CFPB's practice of regulating through enforcement

    Companies are punished just to teach the rest of the industry a lesson
    CFPB Director Richard Cordray asserts that protecting consumers in financial matters involves too many bad actors trying to do too many bad things to be outlined in specific laws. As it turns out, it sounds like the CFPB might decide to take enforcement action against one particular company if they need to “send a public message of deterrence” to the whole industry. This is ludicrous.
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  • How will technology impact loan originators in 2017?

    Here are predictions from 5 leaders
    In 2016, there was an explosion of new tech-focused lenders, origination platforms, and other tools to help professionals provide consumers with a better experience. This year, loan originators will be the deciding factor in which technologies are adopted — and which die. Here is what five experts have to say about it.
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  • Nationstar facing CFPB fine over HMDA violations

    Discloses that company is negotiating with CFPB
    Nationstar Mortgage is facing a fine from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau over the nonbank’s alleged failure to comply with the reporting requirements of the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act, the company revealed Thursday.
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  • From HW Magazine

    2017 HW Tech100 Winner: QuestSoft

    Compliance focus of automated software for lenders
    QuestSoft is a provider of automated compliance review software and specializes in mortgage compliance.
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