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  • [Charts] Ten-X: We are definitely not in a housing bubble

    Inflation-adjusted home prices only at 2004 levels
    Ten-X Executive Vice President Rick Sharga gave some insight into home prices, saying we are definitely not in a housing bubble. While home prices continue to increase, hitting or even surpassing their previous peak, these numbers are not inflation-adjusted. These graphs show the real state of home prices when adjusted for inflation.
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  • Here’s the real state of the housing market

    Is a recession on the horizon?
    Three of the mortgage industry’s leading economists joined together at MBA Secondary in New York City to discuss the current state of the housing market. They addressed key issues such as, is a recession on the horizon? How many times will the Fed raise rates this year? And is San Francisco in a housing bubble?
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  • Freddie Mac CEO: Mortgage industry running better than ever

    Recent net loss not the end of the economic world
    This year Freddie Mac “survived” the stress test scenarios that imagine a crash larger than the subprime crisis. Those are just tests, but what about today's reality? Should we expect more losses from Freddie, despite the strength of the overall industry?
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  • Is San Francisco in a housing bubble?

    Fitch Ratings suggests Bay Area home prices are at 'unsupportable' level
    San Francisco often ranks among the "hottest" housing markets due to its rapidly rising housing prices. But how hot is too hot? A new report from Fitch Ratings suggests that San Francisco is reaching that point, with the dreaded "b" word being thrown around now.
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  • The same culprits are re-inflating the housing bubble

    Here we go again...
    Although there is plenty of blame spread across Wall Street for the housing crisis, to many involved in the mortgage and real estate industries, as well as to consumers themselves, the true enabler was our government. Now, evidence abounds that the bubble is being re-inflated by these very same culprits.
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  • Head's up! There's a housing "bubble" forming in markets beyond San Francisco

    Denver, Dallas, Seattle to name a few
    Admittedly, the recent article published in HousingWire titled, “San Francisco exhibiting potential signs of a housing bubble,” focuses on one specific anomalous Left Coast housing market. But, this is clearly, in my view, a precursor to more markets, particularly in California, exhibiting the same signs.
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