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  • Average homeowner gained $16,000 in home equity in 1 year

    Report shows equity continued its climb in Q2
    As the economy strengthens, home values continue to appreciate, and that means homeowners are raking in the equity. A report released Thursday by CoreLogic showed that home equity rose 12.3% year over year in the second quarter of 2018, meaning that the average homeowner saw their equity increase by $16,153 in one year’s time.
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  • Tappable mortgage equity hit all-time high in 2017

    More than 80% of borrowers now have equity available
    The amount of tappable mortgage equity increased in 2017 to an all-time high. In fact, Black Knight’s latest report shows currently, more than 80% of all mortgage holders now have available equity to tap via cash-out refinances or HELOCs.
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  • Homeowners gained nearly $13,000 in equity from last year

    Home price increases driving up gains
    Homeowners with mortgages continue to see their equity increase in their home. Individually, homeowners earned an average $12,987 in equity between the second quarter of 2016 and the second quarter of this year, but in Western states, this number is much higher.
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  • Homeowner equity soars in first quarter

    More than 3 million homeowners still in negative equity
    Homeowners continue to gain more equity as home prices increase throughout the U.S. CoreLogic’s latest home equity report shows more than 3 million homeowners remain in negative equity, a significant drop from last year.
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  • Number of underwater homes plummets in Q4

    1 million borrowers regain equity in 2016
    More than 1 million borrowers regained equity in 2016 as home prices continue to rise across the nation, and the number of homes currently underwater plummeted 25% annually. But this gain in equity was more pronounced in states with hotter markets and rising home prices.
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  • Rising home prices wage war against negative equity

    Underwater homes decrease 19%
    CoreLogic’s new report shows that negative equity continues to plummet as home prices rise across the nation. While some homes hold less than 5% of equity, that may not be a problem any time soon as CoreLogic expects home prices to keep rising.
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  • Zillow: Rising home values continue to lower negative equity

    Location within city may not matter
    A new report from Zillow shows the percentage of homes that are underwater went down once again in the second quarter. It also shows that the home's location within the city may not actually matter, and there is a bigger factor at play.
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