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  • MERS wins in four Pennsylvania county lawsuits

    MERS authority upheld
    MERS announced it locked in another court victory on Monday. The Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania, by a majority opinion, ruled in MERS’ favor in four lawsuits filed by the recorders of four Pennsylvania counties. This is the latest in a string of lawsuits that have cropped up since the financial crisis.
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  • Connecticut Supreme Court upholds new fee on lending industry

    Will other states follow suit?
    After the financial crisis, many counties sued MERS to force MERS members to record future security interest assignments and recover fees they claimed were "lost" because MERS members stopped recording assignments. Connecticut, however, tried a different tack to recover these alleged "lost" fees and won, locking in a "game-changing" victory. Two expert attorneys explain the decision and its possible impact in other states.
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  • MERS wins twice in Texas federal courts

    Right to assign deed upheld again
    The frequently legally challenged MERS won again in court recently, as the United States District Courts for the Southern District of Texas, Houston Division and the Northern District of Texas, Dallas Division held MERS' mortgage assignments were valid, and granted motions to dismiss in two cases.
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  • Texas court upholds MERS right to claim lien

    Electronic registry countersued for its rights
    Summit Residential Services acquired an interest in the subject property following a foreclosure sale conducted by a homeowner’s association — and moved to clear title. Summit was granted judgment in its favor; extinguishing a MERS lien. So, MERS countersued in April 2014, and won.
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