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  • MERS, NYSE owner Intercontinental Exchange increases mortgage presence by buying Simplifile

    Completes $335 million purchase of electronic document platform
    Intercontinental Exchange, the parent company of the New York Stock Exchange, moved into mortgages in a big way last year when the company bought MERS. And now, ICE is increasing its presence in the mortgage business. ICE announced Wednesday that it has acquired Simplifile, which acts as an electronic liaison between lenders, settlement agents, and county recording offices, for $335 million.
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  • The fully digital mortgage has truly arrived as use of eNotes skyrockets by nearly 5,000%

    eNotes registered on MERS system increases substantially in first quarter
    For the last few years, there’s been a revolution underway in the mortgage business, as the industry moved closer to a fully digital mortgage, but new data suggests that the digital mortgage is becoming an industry-wide reality. A new report shows that the use of eNotes exploded in the first quarter of 2019, rising nearly 5,000% over last year.
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  • NYSE parent company ICE acquires MERS

    ICE buys remaining stake in mortgage registry
    Intercontinental Exchange, the parent company of the New York Stock Exchange, is now also the parent company of MERSCORP Holdings, as the companies announced Friday that ICE has acquired all of MERS.
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  • The StoneHill Group expands services in tightening mortgage lending space

    Company now licensed in 19 states and counting
    The StoneHill Group, a nationwide provider of quality control, due diligence and mortgage fulfillment services, is expanding its mortgage lender support services to better serve the industry. The company aims to help more mortgage companies, banks and credit unions operate with greater cost-efficiency as the lending space gets tougher and tougher.
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  • MERSCORP and eOriginal debut eNote Solutions

    Enables mortgage originators to accelerate digital mortgage adoption
    On Wednesday, MERSCORP and eOriginal announced the launch of a new solution the companies say will enable originators to accelerate entry into the digital mortgage ecosystem. MERS eNote Solutions, which is part of the company’s eSuite, will enable the creation, execution, registration and management of the electronic promissory note, or eNote, to mortgage originators across the industry.
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  • MERS wins in four Pennsylvania county lawsuits

    MERS authority upheld
    MERS announced it locked in another court victory on Monday. The Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania, by a majority opinion, ruled in MERS’ favor in four lawsuits filed by the recorders of four Pennsylvania counties. This is the latest in a string of lawsuits that have cropped up since the financial crisis.
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  • Connecticut Supreme Court upholds new fee on lending industry

    Will other states follow suit?
    After the financial crisis, many counties sued MERS to force MERS members to record future security interest assignments and recover fees they claimed were "lost" because MERS members stopped recording assignments. Connecticut, however, tried a different tack to recover these alleged "lost" fees and won, locking in a "game-changing" victory. Two expert attorneys explain the decision and its possible impact in other states.
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