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  • FOMC minutes reveal Fed’s positive economic outlook

    Increasingly optimistic about achieving inflation target
    The Federal Open Markets Committee released its minutes Wednesday from its January meeting, showing members of the Federal Reserve are becoming increasingly more confident in their economic outlook. The minutes also revealed the Fed became more optimistic about hitting its inflation target.
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  • Expect first Federal interest rate rise to come in March

    Market places 77% chance of 25 basis point hike
    Wednesday afternoon, the Federal Reserve announced its decision not to raise the federal funds rate in January. After the Fed Funds futures pushed up their probability estimate for raising the federal funds rate in March, the market is now placing a 77% chance of a 25 basis point hike.
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  • Tax reform could cause Fed to speed up rate hikes

    Fed minutes show most on board with raising federal funds rate
    Minutes released Wednesday by the Federal Reserve showed that the Federal Open Markets Committee could move at a quicker pace due to tax reform. While the Fed forecasts a median growth of 2.5% in 2018, the minutes showed most members will raise their expectations due to tax reform.
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  • Fed raises rates with expectation economy will improve next year

    Target federal funds rate increased to 1.25% to 1.5%
    To the shock of no one, the Federal Reserve announced its final rate hike of 2017 at the end of its December Federal Open Markets Committee meeting. In the Committee's statements about its general economic outlook, it implied that more rate hikes will follow in 2018 and beyond.
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  • Fed interest rate hike this week inevitable

    Top media outlets predict 25 basis point increase
    No one is predicting the Federal Reserve won’t raise interest rates in its Federal Open Markets Committee meeting later this week. Top media outlets are all forecasting a 25 basis point increase, saying the futures markets is giving the move 90% odds.
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  • Federal Reserve appoints new secretary of FOMC

    Set to take over November 26
    As the Federal Open Market Committee’s current secretary looks to retire, the Federal Reserve Board announced his replacement, who will begin his new duties at the end of this month. The new secretary has been working in various positions with the board since 1989.
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  • Mohamed El-Erian talks rate hikes, future of the Fed, state of housing

    Chief economic advisor at Allianz shares economic views at MBA Annual
    Speaking at the Mortgage Bankers Association Annual Convention in Denver, Mohamed El-Erian, the chief economic advisor for Allianz and the former chief executive and co-chief investment officer at PIMCO, told the crowd that any concerns over the impact of future rate hikes from the Federal Open Markets Committee, the future leadership of the Federal Reserve, and the looming shrinking of the Fed’s balance sheet are unwarranted.
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  • Fed minutes reveal low inflation numbers could be long-term, but rate hike still likely

    Officials still plan to raise rates
    Newly released minutes from the Fed’s September meeting show several members of the Federal Open Markets Committee voiced their concern over persistently low inflation rates during the meeting. But despite this concern over inflation, many Fed members are still anticipating voting for a rate hike in December. But this inconsistency is confusing at best, and perhaps even concerning.
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