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  • WSJ: Chance of a rate cut at next FOMC meeting is 25% as trade worries mount

    "Darker economic outlook" may force policymakers to take accommodative stance
    The chance the Federal Reserve will cut its benchmark rate in two weeks at its next meeting in Washington, D.C., is mounting as trade tensions threaten the economy. Traders in futures markets are putting about a 25% chance of a rate cut at the June 18-19 meeting and a 75% chance of a cut at the meeting after that, on July 30-31, according to data from CME Group.
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  • Fed minutes show "patience" may wear thin by end of year

    Views "could shift" in either direction
    While members of the Federal Open Market Committee voice a unanimous call for "patience" at the end of their March 20 meeting, details about the meeting released Wednesday showed some dissenting opinions. "Several participants noted that their views of the appropriate target range for the federal funds rate could shift in either direction," the minutes said.
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  • Federal Reserve leaves rates unchanged, stresses patience

    Says U.S. economic growth is "solid"
    For the first time in recent months, the Federal Reserve said Wednesday it would leave interest rates unchanged and, as expected, vowed to be "patient" in its evaluation of the economy's health. Following a two-day meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee, Fed Chairman Jerome Powell said it expects continued economic growth and that the "case for raising rates has weakened."
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  • Federal Reserve appoints new economist to advise board

    Stacey Tevlin appointed as director of the division of research and statistics
    The Federal Reserve announced Friday the appointment of a new economist to advise the board. The new director of the division of research and statistics will, among other duties, brief the Federal Open Market Committee on the outlook of the U.S. economy.
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  • Capital Economics: Fed will leave rates alone – for now

    Says a March rate hike is off the table, but one more will come in late spring
    The Federal Reserve will leave rates unchanged when it concludes its January meeting next week, likely referencing its "patient" stance when it comes to rate hikes, Capital Economics said in a report released Wednesday. But while a hike in March is likely off the table, the group predicted that one more hike is yet to come.
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  • Federal Reserve raises rates at December meeting

    Unphased by Trump’s campaign against rate hikes
    During its two-day December meeting, the Federal Reserve elected to raise interest rates for the fourth and final time in 2018. This all comes despite calls from President Donald Trump to keep rates low – even as the Fed was meeting on Tuesday.
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  • FOMC reveals positive outlook of economic conditions

    But elects to hold off on rate hike in July
    The Federal Reserve held its meeting on the current state of the U.S. economy, where it elected not to raise interest rates during its July 31 to August 1 meeting. But despite its decision not to raise rates, the FOMC gave a positive outlook of the U.S. economy, listing the positive economic trends members continue to see.
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