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  • Redfin: San Francisco’s IPO wealth likely to drive home price growth

    With Lyft’s IPO wealth, employees could purchase every single home for sale with cash
    Although home price appreciation has slowed across the country, new data from Redfin suggests San Francisco’s housing market is likely to reverse course. According to the company’s analysis, this rebound will be driven primarily by anticipated growth in the city’s IPO wealth.
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  • Is San Francisco's housing market about to get even crazier?

    Pending wave of tech IPOs could send house prices into stratosphere
    This year, a number of major Silicon Valley tech companies are set to go public, and it could have a serious impact on house prices in San Francisco. Uber, Lyft, Slack, Postmates, Pinterest and Airbnb are all planning to launch IPOs in 2019, according to The New York Times, and this will likely spur a crop of freshly minted millionaires looking to drop some serious dough to upgrade their nests.
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  • Airbnb hires top Amazon exec as CFO as it moves toward IPO

    Dave Stephenson hired as chief financial officer
    Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky has said he plans to take the short-term rental company public before 2020, and now, the company has a new chief financial officer to help guide it through its initial public offering. Airbnb announced Monday that it is hiring Dave Stephenson away from Amazon to be its new CFO.
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  • Airbnb petitions SEC for rule change to allow hosts to become shareholders

    Proposed change would allow gig economy workers to become part owners of gig-based companies
    Airbnb is asking the Securities and Exchange Commission for a rule change so its hosts can become part owners in the company, according to a report from CNBC’s Sara Salinas. The rule in question is Rule 701, an SEC rule governing equity awards of private companies. The changes proposed would allow “gig economy” workers to take up shares in the company.
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  • SoFi to finally file for IPO?

    CEO first teased an IPO back in 2014
    Social Finance, better known as SoFi, first teased it would file for an initial public offering nearly three years ago. But this never came into fruition after the online peer-to-peer lender raised $1 billion from investors. But not so fast. Now, three years after it first mentioned a possible IPO, SoFi CEO Mike Cagney appears to be interested in filing for an IPO again.
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  • Redfin goes public, stock explodes in early trading

    Stock opens at $15, quickly rises to $20
    Online real estate brokerage Redfin became the latest real estate company to go public, when the company’s shares began trading on the Nasdaq on Friday morning. Traders ate up the stock after it began trading at approximately 10am Eastern on Friday. In early trading, Redfin’s stock (trading under the symbol “RDFN”) shot up past $20 per share, an increase of more than 35% above its initial trading price.
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  • Will pending IPO establish Redfin as a billion-dollar real estate company?

    Filing reveals IPO pricing details
    Online real estate brokerage Redfin filled in a few blanks originally left empty on its recent initial public offering request with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, revealing the company thinks it is worth around a billion dollars. When the company first filed its request for IPO, it left out key details on how many shares it would sell, along with how much it would sell them for. Well, the wait’s over. Here are the missing details on exactly much capital Redfin wants to raise.
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  • Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Redfin files for IPO, plans to raise millions

    Here's how housing performed in June
    The housing industry kept busy over the past several days. Online real estate company Redfin decided to finally jump into the stock market, filing an initial public offering with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Meanwhile, newly created fintech company Finastra is reminding the industry that it’s not done growing. Check out the article to find out what’s in store for housing.
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  • SEC chair explores reason behind major drop in IPOs

    Attempts to find ways to make IPOs more attractive
    U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Jay Clayton wants to fix the drastic decline in initial public offerings, hoping to in turn give individual investors more access to smaller companies. This is an issue that housing is not immune from. Remember when loanDepot pulled its IPO two years ago?
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  • Attempt two: loanDepot reconsiders filing for IPO?

    Withdrew first IPO consideration back in 2015
    A little more than a year after it withdrew its Initial Public Offering, loanDepot is reported to once again be considering the possibility of a stock offering. When loanDepot announced that it canceled its IPO, loanDepot CEO Anthony Hsieh said, “While an IPO continues to be an option, perhaps one day in the future, it’s not a necessity.” Could now finally be the right time for the company?
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