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  • CoreLogic expanding valuation business, announces acquisition of Mercury Network

    In last few years, CoreLogic also acquired LandSafe, FNC, and RELS
    Over the last several years, CoreLogic launched and significantly grew its valuations division through a series of substantial acquisitions, buying LandSafe Appraisal Services, FNC, and RELS for a total purchase price of approximately $587 million. And it looks like CoreLogic isn’t done growing its valuations business either, as the company announced Tuesday that it is acquiring Mercury Network.
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  • FNC: Home prices slightly increase

    Home prices up in 16 major metros
    The spring housing market appears to be off to a good start as U.S. home prices continue to climb after dropping unexpectedly in January. According to FNC’s housing economist, psychologically and economically, people prefer to buy homes when prices are rising than when they are falling.
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  • CoreLogic snaps up FNC for $475 million

    CoreLogic CEO: We expect property valuation to be an area of significant growth
    In what marks its second substantial acquisition in the field of property valuation in 2015, CoreLogic announced Thursday that it plans to acquire FNC, Inc. Earlier this year, CoreLogic purchased LandSafe Appraisal Services from Bank of America for $122 million. The purchase price for FNC is far beyond the price for LandSafe.
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  • FNC: Home prices rise faster for larger homes

    Median sales price up 30% since 2011
    FNC analyzed information through its National Collateral Database to find key characteristics of the housing market, including that larger homes have consistently shown faster appreciation than smaller homes over the past decade.
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  • Move-up buying activity rises with home equity gains

    Previously underwater homeowners are ready to buy again
    Housing demand from move-up buyers — buyers selling their current homes to purchase a more expensive property — is on the rise as home equity improves, giving these homeowners the financial incentive to purchase again.
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