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  • Guaranteed Rate now offering borrowers express underwriting

    Will give borrowers a full underwrite before they pick a home
    Mortgage borrowers in highly competitive markets where cash is often king can now show sellers that their offer is good as cash, thanks to Guaranteed Rate. The retail mortgage lending giant is rolling out a new program that features a full underwrite of a prospective borrower before the borrower settles on a property.
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  • Experian partners with Finicity to digitize mortgage underwriting

    Could expand credit opportunities for 64 million "credit invisible" consumers
    Aiming to make the mortgage process easier for lenders and consumers alike, Experian announced that it is partnering with Finicity to digitize the mortgage underwriting process. According to Experian, the partnership will allow loan approvals in as little as 10 days, and open up the credit box to roughly 64 million consumers that have limited or no traditional credit history.
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  • OCC: Underwriting standards ease as bank appetite grows

    Underwriting practices remain satisfactory, but credit risk increasing
    For the fourth consecutive year, the OCC found that banks are consistently loosening their credit standards as they slowly ease up from the strict standards set in place after the financial crisis. The mortgage market currently has a reputation for having tight credit standards. Is this finally starting to change?
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