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  • Massive title insurance merger: Fidelity National buying Stewart for $1.2 billion

    A title insurance monolith is born
    The title insurance world is about to get a whole lot smaller, as Fidelity National Financial is set to buy Stewart Information Services in a massive $1.2 billion deal. Fidelity is already one of the nation’s largest title insurance and settlement services provider, and now, it’s set to acquire one of its biggest competitors.
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  • Fidelity National Financial acquires majority interest in SkySlope

    Title insurance giant buys piece of digital transaction management platform
    Fidelity National Financial, the title insurance giant, announced this week that it acquired a majority interest in SkySlope, a provider of digital transaction management and closing solutions to real estate professionals. Tyler Smith, founder and CEO of SkySlope, said that the deal with Fidelity helps take the company to the next level.
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  • Meet the NHL's newest team: the Las Vegas Black Knights?

    New NHL team led by Fidelity National, Black Knight Chairman Bill Foley one step from reality
    What were merely rumors 18 months ago are now one step from becoming reality, as the NHL executive committee reportedly gave its approval to expand the league with a team in Las Vegas led by an ownership group fronted by William Foley, the chairman of Fidelity National Financial and Black Knight Financial Services. Get ready for the Las Vegas Black Knights.
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  • Fidelity National Q3 revenue rises over 3Q13

    $1.7 billion in total revenue equals 2Q14
    Fidelity’s third-quarter revenue of $1.7 billion equaled its second-quarter revenue, which also came in at $1.7 billion, and was also up from $1.6 billion in the second quarter of 2013.
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  • Who is Nat Hardwick?

    Former LandCastle Title CEO owns NASCAR team, rubs elbows with PGA pros
    Since HousingWire first broke the news of his resignation on Tuesday, former LandCastle Title CEO Nat Hardwick’s internet presence has slowly been disappearing, but a HousingWire investigation has revealed exactly what kind of lifestyle Hardwick led prior to the news of this week becoming public.
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  • Fidelity National bails out Landcastle Title

    Discovered “substantial account misappropriations”
    According to a letter posted to the joint website for Landcastle and Morris Hardwick Schneider, the acquisition was “precipitated by a significant shortage in the accounts of MHS and Landcastle, of which Fidelity became informed by the partners of MHS.”
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