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  • Mortgage Market Roundup, Sept. 16

    It's been another busy week in the mortgage markets, as readers of this blog know. But there were plenty of stories I didn't have time to highlight this week -- so I'm going to take some time to highlight some coverage I've seen in the media and across the blogosphere that mortgage industry professionals need to know about... Merrill Lynch's subprime exposure: The Wall Street investment bank hinted on Friday that it may take a hit in the third quarter in connection with its mortgage-related business activities.
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  • Senior Managers From American Brokers Conduit Helping Displaced Employees

    Amid what has been a stream of just horrible industry news as of late, good news is out there -- you just have to really look a bit for it. American Banker has a story from the August 13 print edition of National Mortgage News that covers the efforts of now-former senior executives from American Brokers Conduit, the wholesale channel run by now-bankrupt American Home Mortgage, to help find jobs for former employees. An excerpt from the story:
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  • Commentary: Subprime Crunch Not Over Yet

    And there's the rub: For all the negative press the subprime industry has been getting lately, Impac's admission of significant losses this past week – along with other residential REITs outside of the subprime sector, including Opteum – signals that the problems within subprime credit may not be entirely confined just to subprime. Last week's commentary in this space speculated that Alt-A could be the next credit sector to show some weakness, and Impac's “earnings,� along with a warning on servicer stability from Moody's, suggest that the Alt-A credit sector is seeing increasing volatility as well.
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