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  • How We Got Here From There

    Editor's note: This story appears in the current issue of HousingWire Magazine, hitting subscribers' mailboxes this week. Compared to the breaking-news and opinions on HW online, HousingWire Magazine provides a more in-depth look at the issues, data and people that live in the unique space where finance meets mortgage banking.
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  • Mortgage Market Roundup

    It's been a short week, but nonetheless a surprisingly busy one. Below are some interesting stories and discussions that can hopefully hold some of your interest over this weekend - jump off wherever you're interested most.
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  • Mortgage Market Roundup, Oct. 5

    It's certainly been an interesting week - there's a word used as a descriptor for those times when an entire industry decides to take its lumps in one quarter, in the hopes that will purge the bad once and for all. The word is escaping my usually quick mind as I write this, but that's clearly what's been taking place this week. Here's a look at some commentary and news from across the Web as we head into the weekend, so feel free to jump off wherever you feel like it:
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  • Mortgage Market Roundup, Sept. 16

    It's been another busy week in the mortgage markets, as readers of this blog know. But there were plenty of stories I didn't have time to highlight this week -- so I'm going to take some time to highlight some coverage I've seen in the media and across the blogosphere that mortgage industry professionals need to know about... Merrill Lynch's subprime exposure: The Wall Street investment bank hinted on Friday that it may take a hit in the third quarter in connection with its mortgage-related business activities.
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  • Commentary: Subprime Crunch Not Over Yet

    And there's the rub: For all the negative press the subprime industry has been getting lately, Impac's admission of significant losses this past week – along with other residential REITs outside of the subprime sector, including Opteum – signals that the problems within subprime credit may not be entirely confined just to subprime. Last week's commentary in this space speculated that Alt-A could be the next credit sector to show some weakness, and Impac's “earnings,� along with a warning on servicer stability from Moody's, suggest that the Alt-A credit sector is seeing increasing volatility as well.
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