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  • Senate to soon vote to rescind new CFPB arbitration rule

    Sen. Brown won't back down without a fight
    With the Republican push for healthcare reform seemingly over for this year, it appears the Senate will likely vote on revoking the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s controversial arbitration rule soon. But, it won’t be an easy process to pass the resolution through Senate. Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, already promised to "put up one hell of a fight" to keep the rule, and looking at this latest tweet storm from him, he still hasn’t given up.
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  • Brown promises “hell of a fight” in Senate over CFPB arbitration rule

    Top Democrat pledges to push back against Republican repeal efforts
    As expected, Senate Republicans on Thursday introduced a “resolution of disapproval” that begins the process of repealing the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s newly unveiled rule that bans companies from using mandatory arbitration clauses. The effort is led by a number of prominent Republicans, but one of the top Democrats in the Senate is pledging a serious fight over the CFPB arbitration rule.
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  • Democrats on Treasury report: This attacks consumer protections

    It's just like the "Wrong Choice Act"
    To no one's surprise, Democrats came out vehemently against the new U.S. Treasury report on financial regulations that recommends gutting the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and overhauling mortgage regulation. The comments from Democrats on the new Treasury report echo a lot of concerns they’ve already shared about the Financial CHOICE Act.
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  • Senate Democrats boycott Mnuchin and Price, delay confirmation vote

    Demand answers to recent media reports
    Democrats on the Senate Finance Committee boycotted the already rescheduled Tuesday meeting to vote on two of President Donald Trump's Cabinet nominees, Steve Mnuchin, as Treasury secretary, and Tom Price, as head of the Health and Human Services department. The move delays the vote even further as Democrats demand answers on recent reports. Republicans leaders, however, say the move is offensive, especially since many Democrats said they'll vote 'no' regardless.
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  • Senate Democrats to Trump: Do not fire CFPB director, you've been warned

    "Why would Trump want to go after the bureau in his first week of office?"
    Senate Democrats are adamantly fighting back against growing calls for President-elect Donald Trump to fire Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Director Richard Cordray. This time around Senate Democrats held a press call to emphasize the importance of Cordray and what the consequences would be if Trump attempted to fire him.
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  • Senate to Treasury Secretary Mnuchin: Where do you stand on major housing issues?

    Dodd-Frank and reforming the GSEs are top concerns
    In the short time since President-elect Donald Trump tapped him for Treasury Secretary, Steven Mnuchin has expressed critical views on Dodd-Frank and reforming the GSEs. Now, ahead of confirmation by the Senate, Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, has called on Mnuchin to answer a handful of in-depth questions to get clarity on where he truly stands on key housing issues.
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  • Wells Fargo CEO headed to Senate hot seat for account scandal

    CEO John Stumpf expected to appear before Senate Banking Committee
    As it turns out, Wells Fargo will have to answer to more than just the CFPB for the "widespread unlawful" practices of more than 5,000 former employees who opened more than 2 million fake accounts in order to get sales bonuses. The mega bank will now have to report to one of the most powerful committees on Capitol Hill.
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  • Congress brings knife to CFPB gun fight

    Payday lending takes next regulatory priority
    CFPB Director Richard Cordray once again sat before the Senate in his semi-annual report to Congress, but this time was different. Director Cordray came to this battle armed with lots of support from senators and some watchdog groups. The atmosphere was calm compared to previous years and there was little talk of mortgages.
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