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  • It’s time to get serious about Non-QM loans

    Nonbank lenders need investors to help with risk
    With non-QM comes more risk. There is no safe harbor and holding them on portfolio could mean boosting capital reserves. Nonbank lenders, meanwhile, need to find an investor willing to buy non-QM loans.
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  • Former CFPB official: No special QM loophole

    Raj Date gets into mortgage business
    Date's consumer finance advisory platform and investment vehicle Fenway Summer is reportedly looking to buy Ethos Lending in order to get into the mortgage market. And he is already generating buzz through the sins-of-our-fathers assertion.
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  • Acting CFPB Head Speaks on Agency Mission

    Speaking at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, Special Advisor to the Treasury and Acting Head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Rag Date sought to examine the lessons learned from the mortgage meltdown and how the drives the objectives of the new agency.   Date's first major speach since taking the acting leaderhship role of the CFPB was entitled, "Lessons Learned from the Finnacial Crisis:  The Need for the CFPB," covered a range of financial topics with a particular focus on the mortgage market. The need for the CFPB as created by the Dodd-Frank act stemmed from the
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  • New Temporary Leader for CFPB

    Following the announcement of the nomination of Richard Cordray as the first director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), the U.S. Treasury has announced that Elizabeth Warren will leave her post as Special Advisor to the Treasury. Raj Date will assume her role, effective August 1, and assume leadership of the CFPB pending confirmation of Cordray.  Date has served as the Associate Director of Research, Markets and Regulations for the CFPB.  As Special Advisor to the Treasury, he will assume day-to-day operations of the Bureau until a director is confirmed.  Cordray will continue his role as Director of
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  • Obama Considers Warren Alternative for CFPB

    According to a report on Bloomberg, President Obama is considering nominating Raj Date, former banker and Elizabeth Warren associate as head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Date is a former vice president for corporate strategy and development at Capital One Financial Corporation and was also a managing director in the financial institutions group at Deutsche Bank.  He was hired by the CFPB in February and currently serves as the bureau's associate director for research, markets and regulations. The consideration of Date, which the administration did not confirm to Bloomberg, provides the opportunity to bypass the potential confirmation battle expected
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