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  • Dimont announces sweeping senior management changes

    Names new CEO, CFO, general counsel; promotes other senior staff
    Dimont, which divested itself last year from the now-bankrupt Wingspan Portfolio Advisors, announced a series of significant changes to its senior management. Dimont provides insurance-related services and hazard claims insurance processing services to the residential and commercial mortgage industries.
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  • Wingspan Portfolio Advisors files for bankruptcy

    Is this the end for the once-mighty special servicer?
    Citing a massive gap between its assets and liabilities, Wingspan Portfolio Advisors filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection in United States Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Texas. And the company's bankruptcy filing does not paint a pretty picture of Wingspan's future.
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  • Wingspan closing Florida office, laying off 150 employees

    Melbourne location once employed 400 people
    When Wingspan Portfolio Advisors purchased JPMorgan Chase’s mortgage servicing operations center in Melbourne, Florida, in February 2013, the company gave 400 Chase employees who staffed the Melbourne office the opportunity to continue their employment. Now the company plans to close the Melbourne office and lay off the remaining 150 employees.
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  • Wingspan lays off 100 more employees in Monroe

    Are all 400 former JPMorgan Chase employees now gone?
    In October, Wingspan Portfolio Advisors laid off hundreds of employees in its Monroe, Louisiana location, leaving only an estimated 100 employees at the former JPMorgan Chase call center. Now those employees will soon be gone, too.
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  • It’s official: Steve Horne out as Wingspan CEO

    Jason Spooner takes over; Horne becomes senior advisor
    Despite repeated denials to HousingWire, Wingspan has made the news of Steve Horne's exit as president and CEO official, and named Jason Spooner, Wingspan’s executive vice president of national operations, as the company’s new president. According to Wingspan, Horne has been moved to a senior advisor position.
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  • Dimont & Associates terminates Wingspan relationship

    Returns to independent operations
    Dimont & Associates, which was acquired by Wingspan Portfolio Advisors in May 2013, announced Thursday that it terminated its relationship with Wingspan, as a result of "recapitalization by existing institutional investors including THL Credit."
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  • Looming layoffs at Bank of America signal shift in mortgage servicing

    Impact already being felt throughout industry
    The impact of Bank of America's $16.65 billion settlement is beginning to be seen in the mortgage industry. The settlement will affect more than just the bank, the aggrieved homeowners and the government. It isn’t just the big banks that feel the pain of these settlements. It affects everyone.
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  • Wingspan furloughs Florida employees

    Company admits it's just part of the mortgage servicing business
    Sources tell HousingWire that Wingspan also laid off dozens of employees at its Melbourne, Florida location last week. As with the Monroe layoffs, the Melbourne employees were reportedly told they were being “furloughed” by the company and could potentially be rehired if Wingspan acquires more business.
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