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  • GSEs Look to Follow FHA's Lead on Streamlined Refis

    In a twist of fortune, it appears the GSEs are -- for once -- looking to follow the lead of the Federal Housing Administration, with their regulator hinting Wednesday afternoon that a plan to allow for streamlined refinancings is under consideration at both Fannie Mae [stock FNM][/stock] and Freddie Mac [stock FRE][/stock]. In particular, the GSEs are considering a plan to allow some borrowers to refinance without the use of an updated appraisal.
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  • Study: Mortgage Risk Exposes CDOs to Significant Potential Losses

    Risk in the U.S. mortgage market may have been severely understated for years, according to market analysts in a paper presented late Thursday at Hudson Institute, a public policy research organization. Drexel University's Joseph Mason and housing analyst Joshua Rosner from Graham Fisher & Co. unveiled new research which raises concerns that mortgage-linked collateralized debt obligations (CDOs) are exposed to significant and unanticipated losses if the U.S. housing market continues to stagnate.
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