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  • Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: MBA president slams "defamatory" mortgage industry report

    Says data cherry-picks loan types
    MBA President and CEO David Stevens claps back at a report about the extent of discrimination in lending. Reuters reports surging bonds could “pinch” homeowners and retirees, and we finally learn the identity of the mystery buyer who bought the most expensive home in NYC. Here’s your Monday Morning Cup of Coffee.
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  • Investors rethink crowded Trump trade

    Sell stock, buy bonds
    The Wall Street Journal's Markets section today discussed a shift from investments in stocks over to bonds. The authors say investors are “recalibrating their conviction” in the Trump trade, a term used to describe market volatility in the wake of the presidential election outcome.
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  • Bond guru Bill Gross suddenly bolts PIMCO for Janus

    Leaves SEC investigation behind?
    Bill Gross is a legend in bond trading, as one of three co-founders of PIMCO, the largest global bond broker/dealer. He leaves to join Janus amid reports of an SEC investigation concerning bond platforms he managed at PIMCO and rumors that his behavior had become "erratic" and that he was to be fired imminently.
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  • Wealthier Americans mean a bigger bond market

    More liquidity means more debt
    The Federal Reserve published its latest report on U.S. household wealth, which shows that even while Americans are getting more wealthy, they are also taking on a lot more debt. This is great news for the bond market since, more and more, these auto loans, student loans and credit cards are finding their way into the bond market.
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  • $478 million in subprime-boom bonds to hit market

    Part of $727 million package scheduled to trade Tuesday
    Now, $477.8 million more in subprime debt is available, and at least two of the biggest names in subprime are represented. According to Interactive Data, bonds from both Countrywide and Bear Stearns are part of this package.
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  • SIFMA tells Treasury these 8 things will spark mortgage markets

    Time to bring back private mortgages
    Repairing the private mortgage bond market still remains a top priority for the federal government, even though there seems to be no huge rush to get things going again. For its part, Treasury is asking for some advice on the further development of private-label securitization. And here, SIFMA gives some.
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  • Moody’s: HFA single-family bond financing will increase

    Bond financing will drive revenue growth
    As housing finance agencies seek to rebuild their balance sheets amid a favorable bond market, Moody’s Investors Service expects bond financings to become a more significant part of HFAs’ mortgage funding sources, reversing the downward trend since 2011, a note to clients says.
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