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  • Fannie Mae: Tech companies threaten to edge banks out of the mortgage market

    "Now is the time for banks to step up their digital game"
    In the era of the digital mortgage, banks are facing increased competition from big tech companies looking to flex their muscles in the financial services realm, and they may need to invest more deeply in tech to stay on top. According to a blog from Fannie Mae, banks need to "step up their digital game" and figure out how to streamline financial tasks to enhance the customer experience before big tech beats them to it.
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  • Redfin: Apple's new campus will heat up Austin's housing market

    Californians' interest in the Silicon Hills is increasing
    Apple recently announced it selected Austin, Texas as a home for one of its new campuses, potentially bringing an estimated 15,000 jobs to the city's local market. Notably, new data from Redfin indicates that Apple is likely to heat up the Texas capital's housing market, specifically catching the attention of buyers from the Bay Area.
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  • Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Potential government shutdown looms over 2019 economic forecast

    Plus, small banks gear up for "deposit wars" and Apple drops $1 billion on Austin real estate
    Economists at Capital Economics say that while the U.S.-China trade war is certainly a concern, the potential for a long-lasting government shutdown heading into 2019 is the greatest threat to the economic outlook in the year ahead. "This one could go on for months," the economists warn, especially if Robert Mueller's report leads to the president's impeachment.
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  • [VIDEO] HousingWire readers, here's the nation's top news

    Here is what’s happening around the country
    Today, HousingWire takes a look at some of the most provocative and significant news stories nationwide. Our coverage ranges from heated Supreme Court confirmation hearings, political Twitter wars, highly publicized sports branding decisions, market takeovers and voting forecasts. Whatever’s happening around the country, it’s here for you to read.
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  • Why Quicken Loans is the Taylor Swift of the mortgage industry

    Will the lender's push-back spur the FHA to change its rules?
    Before you write this idea off as being too far fetched, let me explain. You won't hear the words mortgage and music used in the same sentence often, but with everything going on in the lending industry with FHA loans, the two overlap more than usual. One key difference, though, is that Swift was successful. Can the same be said for Quicken Loans?
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  • Is Google (Bank) coming for you?

    Millennials would rather bank with Google, Apple and Amazon
    Imagine googling the word “bank” and landing on Google Bank. Or what if every iPhone came pre-loaded with Apple Bank? That’s how easy it would be for them to completely own the market.
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