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  • Rick Perry: Clinton policies caused housing crisis

    Warns another crash is coming; advocates ending Fannie, Freddie
    In a speech last week in New York, former Texas Gov. Rick Perry positioned himself, surprisingly, as a populist ready to take on Wall Street, laid the blame of the housing crisis on the “destructive homeownership policies” of the Clinton administration, and warned that the next crisis is coming.
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  • Rick Perry: We’re tired of Wall Street getting special treatment

    Presidential hopeful tells CBS News “there is nothing too big to fail”
    If former Texas Gov. Rick Perry is able to avoid some of the snafus that undid his previous bid for the White House, the nation’s biggest banks could be facing a whole new set of rules and regulations that could change the financial system and have a significant impact on housing.
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  • GOP candidates clueless on housing

    So many idiotic things were said about housing during the Wednesday night GOP debate. Oh, where to start? We had Newt Gingrich claiming that banks profit more from foreclosures than they do from short sales. I'd like to hear from all the banks "profiting" from either foreclosures or short sales.
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