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  • Loan Officers: Teach your Realtor partners how to fish

    On Facebook, that is
    [Op-ed] What I always tell my MLOs, is teach your Realtors how to fish. What do I mean by that? Simply stated, is that instead of giving them that "one-off lead," teach them a strategy or tactic that will get them multiple leads per year. In this case, learn how to do Facebook Lead Ads for Real Estate.
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  • Expert warns latest Ginnie Mae regs aren't improving FHA and VA pricing as intended

    Questions remains exactly why this is happening
    Brent Nyitray, director of capital markets for iServe Residential Lending, said in an email today that loan officers are taking note of “lousy” pricing for FHA and VAs higher up in the rate stack. But, Ginnie Mae just issued new regulations to prevent serial refinances. Why isn't it leading to higher demand?
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  • New homes sales at highest level in a decade

    When will housing contribute to GDP?
    While this is good news for the market, there may be a bigger, better knock-on effect for the national economy if this keeps up. Read more for the latest indicators and where housing stands as part of the greater national economy.
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  • From HW Magazine

    Bridging the great generational divide

    How to develop the next generation of top producers
    Our industry is at a crossroads. As our most experienced mortgage professionals enter into retirement, who will fill in the gap? The time has come to hire new talent. If the mortgage industry is to move forward, it will be because new professionals step into the roles that a retiring salesforce are leaving vacant. 
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    United Wholesale Mortgage

    Wholesale is the best option for loan officers

    Grow your business by matching borrowers with the best mortgage for their needs
    The mortgage business is great for sales professionals who have an entrepreneurial spirit and are relationship-driven. When comparing both sides of the wholesale vs. retail debate — or mortgage broker vs. bank — there is no doubt that the best way for loan officers to grow their business and take greater control over their career is through the wholesale channel.
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  • [Factsheet] How much $$$ do mortgage banks make?

    An overview of the past two years
    Mortgage brokers eagerly welcomed a bigger paycheck at the start of this year after the end of 2015 significantly shorted the income of many in the business. To show exactly how mortgage banker profit has changed, this week's factsheet shows mortgage banker profit over the course of the past two years, using data from the Mortgage Bankers Association’s Quarterly Performance Report.
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  • House passes sweeping change to loan originator licensing rules

    SAFE Transitional Licensing Act of 2015 moves to Senate
    The House of Representatives just passed a bill that could create a huge impact on the mortgage industry, as mortgage loan officers may soon be able to transition from a traditional bank to a nonbank and keep originating new mortgage loans without having to wait for a new license. Now, it's on to the Senate for the SAFE Transitional Licensing Act of 2015.
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