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  • Reimagining the mortgage lending experience

    Loan Officers: It's about more than your mortgage app!
    Are you talking about your new mortgage app, or your new digital mortgage app, going paperless, or portals? A lot of LOs are, which is why I believe they are completely missing the point.
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  • Closing condos under litigation: Fannie Mae now gives lenders a way out

    Loan Officers: Lend with confidence!
    Fannie Mae finally updated their litigation requirements on condominium projects! The guidelines now allow the lender more flexibility to determine, with confidence, whether litigation is minor or major, what is considered minor, and provide a way for lenders to warrant the project despite the litigation. Here's how.
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  • Five mortgage marketing tips for professionals

    Getting the most out of your mortgage marketing
    Most of the time, social media is littered with automated posts that are the same on every other LO's accounts and these posts get little to no engagement. I think we can all agree that in today's online world we need our marketing to stand out and be different. Here are 5 tips to get the most out of your mortgage marketing.
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  • The war is over: Web 2.0 won

    Look to social media to create and strengthen relationships
    [Op-ed] Industry people talk about creating relationships all the time, but in the same breath, they talk about social media not being about relationships. It's time to take a look at social media as the biggest opportunity you will ever get to strengthen and create those relationships.
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  • Ask the Underwriter: Can personal property be included on the sales contract?

    It varies by loan type
    Your borrower finally found the perfect house! They send you a copy of the executed sales contract and everything is great…until you notice that the window treatments are listed as personal property to be included in the sale. Suddenly, you’re having flashbacks of your underwriter losing their $^!# because the last sales contract you sent included a lengthy list of personal items from the seller’s “Custom Man Cave” to be included in the deal. These are just window treatments though… no big deal… or is it?! Keep reading to find out!
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  • Nonbank mortgage lenders still misunderstood in mainstream media

    United Wholesale Mortgage CEO speaks up for our community
    [Op-ed] Mortgage lending is still often maligned in the mainstream press. When will coverage begin to accurately reflect all the hard work we, as lenders, put into getting Americans into homeownership? Here, Mat Ishbia, the CEO of United Wholesale Mortgage, calls out a CNN report that gets it so wrong.
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  • Explaining the disconnect between the rate borrowers want, and can get

    You may need to break the rates process down for them
    Most quoted industry rates are for a hypothetical borrower with prime credit who makes a 20% down payment. Yet, most borrowers do not fit this profile and often experience disappointment when the rate on their loan turns out to be meaningfully higher than what they believed prevailing rates to be. Many loan officers have likely experienced having to explain this discrepancy to borrowers with varying degrees of success.
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    New American Funding

    How can loan officers succeed in this competitive environment?

    New American Funding provides tech tools, marketing solutions and a streamlined process
    The impact of providing tech and marketing assets to LOs is hard to overestimate. Instead of building websites, creating marketing materials from scratch, figuring out a social strategy or trying to generate positive reviews, loan officers can focus on their most important job: originating loans.
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  • From HW Magazine

    Why do some mortgage professionals fail in their first year?

    The factors that convince loan officers to leave the business
    The 2017 Retention Report from Work Institute states that 34% of all turnover is from first-year employees. Additionally, a 2014 study across multiple industries from BambooHR states that roughly one third of employees quit within the first six months of starting a new job. Out of these, 16% to 17% quit within their first three months. That means one out of six employees lasts three months or less after accepting a new position. 
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