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  • SimpleNexus raises $20M in growth capital

    Mortgage tech provider lands funds for expansion
    Mortgage tech company SimpleNexus announced today it has raised $20 million in capital from Insight Venture Partners to fuel its plans for future growth. The company, which was a 2018 winner of HousingWire’s Tech100, offers a private-label digital mortgage platform and mobile app designed to connect lenders with borrowers and real estate agents.
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  • 5 key tech tools to engage your modern homebuyer

    Handy checklist for LOs
    [Expert commentary] One in five Millennials use their smartphones exclusively to shop online for all products, not just homes and home loans. It is time for mortgage companies to recognize and update their marketing and customer experience to reach the modern consumer. Here are some valuable tools and strategies to use.
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  • Pam Patenaude headlines the NEXT Mortgage Tech Conference for Women

    Deputy HUD secretary has more than 30 years of expertise
    The NEXT Conference takes place June 21-22 in Dallas and features informative panels, technology demos and the chance for mortgage lending executives to network. But one of the most exciting things on the agenda is the headliner: Pam Patenaude, deputy secretary at the Department of Housing and Urban Development. The deputy secretary position at HUD is similar to that of a COO, and Pam is leveraging 30 years of experience shaping and implementing housing policy as she manages the department’s $45 billion annual budget and approximately 8,000 employees.
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  • From HW Magazine
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    Mortgage Cadence

    Borrower survey reveals 3 key observations in lending

    Lenders need to meet borrower expectations for the experience
    Since 2016, Mortgage Cadence has been partnering with Accenture Research, polling American borrowers to determine what they were thinking, feeling and doing as they were moving through their mortgage application journey. In 2016, when we first asked borrowers to rate their level of satisfaction with lenders, 45% said they were ‘very satisfied.’
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  • FormFree's AccountChek integrates with BeSmartee's POS platform

    Automated asset verification now a part of BeSmartee's POS platform
    FormFree announced on Wednesday that its AccountChek automated asset verification service is now part of BeSmartee's mortgage point-of-sale platform. FormFree explained that this integration will speed up BeSmartee’s digital loan process and provide a more accurate assessment of borrowers’ ability to pay.
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  • “Father of securitization” Lewis Ranieri partners with blockchain company Symbiont

    Partnership seeks to transform mortgage industry with blockchain technology
    On Wednesday, Ranieri Solutions announced a partnership with Symbiont, a blockchain and smart contract company, to explore opportunities to use Symbiont’s platform to “systemically improve all aspects of the mortgage industry.” The two companies explained that “Ranieri’s deep knowledge of the mortgage market coupled with Symbiont’s expertise in deploying enterprise blockchain networks led to the partnership between the firms."
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  • From HW Magazine

    The consequences of over-relying on tech to drive customer satisfaction

    Trust and loyalty are still built by personalized customer service
    Technology’s integration into our professional lives has in many cases rendered personalized interactions obsolete. But the severity of that shift still heavily depends on the industry in question and, despite what some believe, there will always be a place in the mortgage business for a human touch.
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  • Software provider Cloudvirga launches app service

    Tech company to offer white label service connecting LOs and real estate agents
    Digital mortgage point-of-sale software provider Cloudvirga announced this week the launch of a new mobile application and service that enables real estate agents to collaborate and connect with mortgage loan officers.
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  • How do you pick the right technology vendor?

    Lenders discuss the challenges of integration and adoption
    If consumers feel like getting a mortgage is akin to going to the dentist, lenders feel like implementing a new tech solution is the equivalent of going to an oral surgeon. During a small breakfast meeting at the Ellie Mae Experience conference in Las Vegas this week, HousingWire's Sarah Wheeler sat down with a group of lenders and vendors to talk about emerging tech trends. But in addition to the trends they discussed, another issue emerged: just how difficult it is to choose a technology vendor.
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