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  • DocMagic reaches 300 million eSignings

    Document servicer hits major milestone as more mortgages go digital
    Loan document solutions provider and HW Tech100 winner DocMagic announced Wednesday that it has processed more than 300 million mortgage-related eSignatures, a major milestone for the company.
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  • Experts agree: Construction lending needs to change

    And here’s how
    At the NEXT women’s conference Thursday in Dallas, Texas, a panel of experts, moderated by our own Sarah Wheeler, managing editor of HW content solutions, gathered together to talk about the changes that need to come to the construction lending industry. Built CEO Chase Gilbert explained, “It’s a confusing and intimidating space but it doesn’t have to be.”
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  • Blockchain expert: The future of fintech and innovation in mortgage finance

    ComplianceEase Rocks the Climb to the Summit
    [Expert commentary] Continue the Climb – the theme of the 2017 ComplianceEase Risk and Compliance Summit – was very appropriate given the regulatory climate and lightning speed at which technology has been and will continue to morph the mortgage industry. Here are the key takeaways from the conference.
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    United Wholesale Mortgage

    Consistent tech innovations lead mortgage brokers to United Wholesale Mortgage

    UWM attracts brokers with its tech-focused development
    [Sponsored Content] In a fairly dated industry when it comes to tech, where the only consistent change is the variation of daily interest rates, UWM is a breath of fresh air in the mortgage industry with a seemingly endless stream of technology advancements and innovation.
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  • Mortgage lenders: Here's your blockchain primer

    One of the more exciting and misunderstood technologies today
    [Expert Commentary] Blockchain is one of the more exciting – and often misunderstood – technologies being explored today. It offers the ability to record and track transactions in a decentralized database. Blockchain has the potential to change the game in the financial services industry by not only speeding up and providing complete visibility into financial transactions, but also significantly reducing costs.
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  • Roostify rolls out new program to educate borrowers on their loan options

    “Decision Builder” provides applicants with loan info, options
    Roostify, which helped Chase and Guild Mortgage take their mortgage platforms digital this year, is boosting its mortgage technology platform with a new tool that aims to educate prospective borrowers on their loan options before ever being contacted by a loan officer. Here's how it works.
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  • Pavaso and Gregg & Valby announce new partnership

    Integrate doc prep and digital closing platforms
    In its latest announcement, Pavaso said it partnered with Gregg & Valby, a Texas-based law firm and technology provider, to integrate the technologies of both companies. The move allows nationwide closing documents to be integrated into the Pavaso Digital Close platform electronically.
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  • Here are 3 money-losing myths about mortgage technology

    Check out these ways to avoid them
    Lenders keep thinking that their next technology solution will be easily adopted, or that some fancy software product will eliminate compliance headaches. These things never happen. That’s because most lenders buy into three common myths about mortgage technology — but there are ways to avoid them.
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