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    CoreLogic leverages data to deliver fast, accurate valuations

    Centralized hub manages appraisal orders, AVMs, and title and closing services
    Over the past several years, CoreLogic has significantly grown its valuations business through a series of acquisitions. With consumers, lenders, regulators and the GSEs expecting faster and more accurate valuations, CoreLogic delivers a host of comprehensive valuation tools for a seamless valuation process.  
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  • Should borrowers be charged AMC fees and appraiser fees separately?

    There are two sides to mortgage lending valuations at play here
    The appraisers I speak to paint the AMCs as part of some large conspiracy to nickel-and-dime their way to big profits. The AMCs I speak to believe they are vital to maintaining the arms-length regulatory requirements set forth by Dodd-Frank. Are the AMCs hiding something? Maybe, maybe not. But, there is certainly something missing.
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  • AMCs respond to FHFA report they bring little value to appraisals

    Just as likely to make mistakes
    When commissioning an appraisal, do AMCs provide a better valuation to mortgage lenders? The FHFA says no and AMCs are not happy: "Our review of the research has uncovered real concerns about the methodology, measures of quality, errors and the insertion of staff opinion that seems to indicate bias."
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  • Overworked and underpaid: Here are the challenges facing appraisers next year

    Industry suffers from a clear lack of unity
    While most sectors of the mortgage industry managed the increased demand with few hiccups, the appraisal services segment of the industry did not fare as well. The uninterrupted appraisal demand throughout 2016 and into the first quarter of this year led to chronic fatigue that spread throughout the appraiser population, leaving 3 major challenges for the industry to face.
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  • FTC warns North Carolina that new appraisal fee rules could violate federal laws

    North Carolina currently considering establishing set fees for appraisals
    For the second time in the last two months, the Federal Trade Commission is accusing a state of pursuing appraisal fee laws that could restrict price competition and violate federal antitrust laws. At the end of May, the FTC filed a complaint against the Louisiana Real Estate Appraisal Board, accusing the group of “unreasonably restraining price competition for appraisal services in Louisiana.” Now, North Carolina is in the FTC’s crosshairs.
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  • Louisiana Real Estate Appraisal Board fights back against FTC price-fixing allegations

    “Categorically and vociferously” denies the FTC allegations
    Last month, the Federal Trade Commission filed a complaint against the Louisiana Real Estate Appraisal Board, accusing the regulatory body that oversees property appraisals in the state of stifling price competition by requiring appraisal management companies to follow the state’s established polices for the fees that AMCs pay to appraisers. Now, the board is fighting back.
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  • Hey 50-percenters, there is no "appraiser shortage” so knock it off

    The reality of the appraisal industry is much more complicated
    [Commentary] No one seems to understand the appraiser's role in the mortgage-lending process. Isn't it ironic appraisers, who are in the business of valuing assets by measuring the forces of supply and demand, are not allowed to participate in the free market system that is based on supply and demand? So, what is really going on in the appraisal world? Hint: There isn't a shortage.
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  • Sorry, appraisers, you’re wrong – there is a shortage

    And here’s why
    [Commentary] As the appraisal problem grows, many companies and even government agencies point to the appraiser shortage and ways to fix it. Appraisers, however, are not impressed. They say there isn’t a shortage, and that the real problem lies with AMCs. But the truth is – there is an appraiser shortage, and here’s why.
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  • FTC accuses Louisiana Real Estate Appraisal Board of violating federal law with fee rules

    Alleges that rules on “customary and reasonable” appraisal fees stifle competition
    The rules established by the Louisiana Real Estate Appraisal Board, the regulatory body that oversees property appraisals in the state, violate federal antitrust laws and stifle competition for appraisal services due to strict requirements to adhere to a “customary and reasonable” appraisal fee schedule, according to the Federal Trade Commission.
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  • Guess who just joined the HousingWire free Appraisal webinar?

    Hint: He works with the largest mortgage finance entity in the nation
    HousingWire is hosting a free webinar next week on the state of the appraisal industry in 2017. We are already getting flooded with questions and, lucky for all of us, Zach Dawson, the director of collateral strategy at Fannie Mae, will join us. Here's how to sign up!
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