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    Optimal Blue

    Optimal Blue automates complex secondary marketing functions with expanded solution

    New features include margin management, lock management and personalization
    Optimal Blue has invested heavily in the expansion of the features and functionality available through its enterprise secondary marketing solution. Surrounding core capabilities with a powerful and robust feature set not only differentiates Optimal Blue from other providers, but enables their client base to further enhance their already sophisticated secondary marketing strategies and sustain their competitive edge.
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  • Q&A: Tavant Technologies’ Atul Varshneya on artificial intelligence and machine learning

    Tavant answers three big questions about AI and ML in mortgage lending
    During the Mortgage Bankers Association's recent Tech Solutions conference, HousingWire sat down with Tavant Technologies’ Atul Varshneya to discuss the disruption that artificial intelligence and machine learning can cause in the lending and mortgage spaces. Varshneya works at Tavant as a vice president and leads the company’s artificial intelligence/machine learning (AIML) practice, which has a strong focus on its application in the areas of mortgage and lending. 
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  • Lenders reveal top business priorities for 2017

    Refocusing efforts to meet needs of post-crisis era
    In a post-crisis world, lenders refocused their priorities to meet the changing needs of the housing market. Fannie Mae’s second quarter survey shows lenders are no longer concerned about topics such as compliance and have moved on to new priorities in 2017.
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  • From HW Magazine

    Three tech trends that will transform mortgage lending

    And what your company should do to get ready
    Mortgage banks have traditionally been slow to embrace new technologies, and while the technology that has improved efficiency, security and customer experience in a multitude of other industries (transportation, education and retail, to name a few) is finding its way into the loan production process, a lot of opportunity still exists in other stages of the mortgage life cycle.
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  • Executive Conversation: Jonathan Corr on how automation drives the consumer experience

    Ellie Mae innovates around regulation
    I think the goal of Know Before You Owe is a noble one — to make it more transparent for the consumer. But it was a lot more than one or two forms — it was a massive change from the standpoint of business processes, workflow, rules, all the things people had been doing for 30-40 years. It was a pretty dramatic change.
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  • Fannie Mae eliminates Desktop Underwriter fee

    Enhances other mortgage-leading tools
    “We want to continue to provide value to our lenders and we don’t want technology fees to get in the way of lenders using our technology to its full potential," said Andrew Bon Salle, Executive Vice President, Single-Family Business at Fannie Mae.
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  • From HW Magazine

    Company Spotlight: ComplianceEase

    John Vong explains why "the devil is in the details"
    When lenders have to justify and document every decision, it really raises the bar for compliance. Those that are still trying to handle compliance manually or by using multiple, disparate systems as a work-around are going to find it difficult to meet new requirements. The CFPB’s new TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure (TRID) rule will only exacerbate this situation, according to Vong.
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  • From HW Magazine

    Single stack

    Mortgage lending — finally — gets smarter with digital, automated and cloud-based technology
    In the tech world a “stack” refers to all the elements of something. For the mortgage industry, the idea of the single stack is that one platform (digital, automated and based in the cloud) can either meet all of the functional requirements involved in assembling a mortgage, or can serve as an efficient moderator for the process via open APIs (application programming interface), which are now taking off within the mortgage industry.
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