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  • Servicers embrace digital empowerment to boost customer retention

    Black Knight's Servicing Digital provides robust information about customer real estate assets
    Customer satisfaction and engagement are critical for servicers to build lasting relationships and retain clients. Servicer retention rates dropped to 10-year lows in 2Q 2017, with servicers losing business from nearly 80% of their borrowers. Improving mortgage retention rates increases the likelihood a consumer will continue working with their existing bank or mortgage provider on their next financial decision, such as a home equity loan or their next mortgage. Black Knight, a leading mortgage industry fintech, has developed a unique solution to aid servicers in building these relationships, increasing retention and achieving future business growth.
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  • Provident Financial abandons mortgage banking

    Plans to layoff 122 staffers in the coming months
    In a released statement the firm said challenging economic and operating conditions made it difficult to make a profit in home loan originations. The company's CEO also cited "required investments in expensive technology" as another reason.
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  • Pricing is just one piece of the puzzle

    Customer satisfaction is what really matters the most
    UWM's CEO Mat Ishbia writes that the mortgage business is so commoditized that it’s easy to focus on price as a difference maker – but if you’re a mortgage broker or correspondent that picks a lender based solely on its cheap rates, it will likely cost you big in the long run. Read more about what matters most: customer satisfaction.
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    United Wholesale Mortgage

    Lenders: when weighing speed vs. price, don't overlook service

    United Wholesale Mortgage picks up every single phone call
    Oftentimes, when thinking of what all goes into the loan process, it’s easy to forget that actual people are at the heart of making everything possible. If an issue arises with a loan that needs to be quickly resolved, it is a person on the other end of the phone that sees it through to completion. Even the flashiest technology platform is useless without the people to build it, enhance it, fix issues, and cater it to clients’ needs.
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  • No more offshoring: Nationstar moving all customer service operations back to U.S.

    Nonbank says move is based on customer feedback
    Over the last several years, many of the top mortgage servicing companies (both banks and nonbanks alike) moved some of their customer service operations overseas as part of an effort to cut costs. But the practice, known as offshoring, proved somewhat problematic, as customers frequently complained of issues when dealing with offshore customer service representatives. Now, one servicer is choosing to listen to its customers and move its customer service operations back onshore.
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  • From HW Magazine

    Top trends bring focus back to customer service

    Borrowers are looking for more than just the lowest rates
    The number of satisfied customers begin to drop dramatically as loan officers become less communicative. When a customer has to call a lender for a status update, the customer satisfaction rating drops to 65%. And when the customer doesn’t receive a checklist for completing the loan at the beginning of the process, their satisfaction rating sinks down to 57%.
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  • This is why customer experience is critical for everyone

    Don’t forget the customers who don't have an "easy button"
    Where are the technological innovations that will benefit the vast majority of the homebuyers and refinancers for whom banks, credit unions and brokers serve? Who is innovating for the customer who doesn’t qualify for the “easy button?”
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  • The top 5 ways to delight potential homebuyers

    Inoculate them, that's a thing
    We are in a wired world where builder performance is readily shared online via open customer review websites. The builders with the happiest homeowners are the companies with glowing reviews that gain market share, while the rest are simply struggling against a growing tide of poor reviews.
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