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  • Pavaso appoints new SVP of business development

    Tim Anderson has over 35 years of fintech experience
    Pavaso recently appointed Tim Anderson to the position of senior vice president of business development, where he will be responsible for developing products and strategies that drive the implementation of Pavaso's suite of digital products and services.
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  • The TILA-RESPA Combined Disclosure connection

    Tim Anderson of DocMagic weighs in with Closing Call guest post

    The primary issue is not only delivering the closing documents to the consumer three days ahead of closing (consummation), but now, with the delivery deadlines and tolerance requirements, the lender is on the hook to ensure even greater accuracy of the GFE/TIL at time of application.  

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  • From HW Magazine

    The case for a paperless mortgage

    The roadblock isn't technology, but acceptance
    Two months wandering in a new compliance landscape makes the prospect of a seamless, paperless eMortgage even more compelling. In our increasingly digital society, an entirely paperless process for mortgage loan origination seems to be the next logical step.
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  • The Future of the Loan Origination System

    One of the benefits of having reported on this space for so many years is that, over time, I have come to know who knows what they're talking about and who just likes to hear themselves talk. Believe me, I've been accused of being in both camps in the past and most folks have a very difficult time figuring out who is in which. It gets even more difficult when the topic of conversation is highly technical or specialized. I find it rather like a game.
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