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  • DOJ shifts focus to Moody’s Investors Service

    Investigates ratings in the buildup to the financial crisis
    Credit-rating agencies have been under a lot of fire recently. Now that the U.S. Department of Justice is wrapping up its case with Standard & Poor’s, it is shifting its attention to Moody’s Investors Service for similar issues.
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  • Arch MI launches new mortgage insurance company

    Given financial strength rating of ‘A3’
    Arch MI announced it is opening a new mortgage insurance company right as the market starts to increase focus in that area due to new regulations. The new company, AMG, is a mortgage insurance company specifically created for mortgage loans that originators intend to retain in their portfolios or include in private securitizations and is not subject to GSE requirements.
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  • Single-family rental securitization market boasts near trillion-dollar potential

    Blackstone-Invitation Homes deal prompts KBW to analyze the sector's overall value
    The REO-to-rental securitization deal that Blackstone subsidiary Invitation Homes brought to market is just the tip of the iceberg, with KBW analysts forecasting a nearly trillion dollar market when calculating the lingering possibilities that exist for single-family rental securitization deals.
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  • Improved Due Diligence is Key to Secondary Market Revival

    It will take greater accountability in financial transactions, specifically more stringent due diligence, for investors to be confident enough to buy mortgage-backed securities again. The stock and bond markets have rebounded strongly over the past year from the global financial meltdown of 2008. But recovery in the market for private residential mortgage-backed securities continues to be held up by continuing concerns about the underpinnings of these deals.
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