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  • A Time for Some Offensive Leadership

    I know we're still in pre-season for the NFL and it may be a bit early for football analogies, but I was thinking about the players in our industry while on a plane late last week and it seemed to make a lot of sense to me — at least from 30,000 feet. From a distance, a football team looks like any other group of guys (who are all above-average size and overly aggressive), but each team is really made up of several smaller teams that play different games within the same contest.
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  • Controlling Cost is Saintly

    Being a New Orleans native and returning to the States after eight years abroad converged rather nicely in spending Super Bowl Sunday with my family in my home town. And perhaps the most enjoyable parts of the Big Show, and in viewing the key components of the victory of the New Orleans Saints over the Indianapolis Colts, dealt with bold risk-taking mixed with the often under-promoted notion of control within an organization.
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