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  • SoFi bets big on Super Bowl overtime commercial and wins

    Ad cost less than half of the roughly $5 million going rate
    The New England Patriots weren’t the only ones to win big in the Super Bowl, as four advertisers who took a bet on overtime ads scored a deal of a lifetime in the advertising world. And one of those lucky four advertisers is online lender SoFi.
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  • Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Airbnb houses refugees impacted by Trump’s ban

    Nevada Supreme Court makes game-changing decision about HOA liens
    Airbnb made a strong statement in response to Trump’s recent immigration ban. Between a new initiative to give free housing to refugees and its commercial during Super Bowl 51, the company showed its support for affected refugees. And speaking of the Super Bowl and Airbnb, Houston just saw its biggest weekend of the year.
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  • Disbarred New York lawyer gets 3 years for phony ticket resale, real estate schemes

    Fraudulently told investors he'd buy Super Bowl tickets, New York real estate
    A disbarred New York attorney will spend more than three years in prison after being convicted on multiple charges stemming from his involvement in a ticket resale fraud scheme and a real estate investment fraud conspiracy that cheated multiple victims out of more than $3 million.
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  • SoFi's Super Bowl ad only the beginning of major company brand push

    '2016 is a pivotal year for SoFi'
    While moving into the big leagues of advertising cost SoFi 20% of its annual budget, the company is saying that its Super Bowl ad was well worth the money. In an interview with HousingWire, Meg Ciarallo, SoFi’s vice president of brand, said "2016 is a pivotal year for SoFi. We’re expanding beyond lending to help financially responsible people reach their money, career and relationship goals."
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  • Quicken Loans Super Bowl ad strikes wrong nerve with Twitteratti and journalists

    Why let the facts get in the way of fun?
    In its first-ever Super Bowl commercial, Detroit-based Quicken Loans created a 60-second TV spot, which showcases Rocket Mortgage, its fully online mortgage. It aired to the massive audience, many of whom then promptly proceeded to fuel bombastic panic on Twitter, claiming that Rocket Mortgage will lead to the housing crisis redux.
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  • Here's Quicken Loans entry into the Super Bowl ad bonanza

    What do you think?
    Quicken Loans added its name to the Super Bowl commercial roster, joining veterans like Budweiser and Doritos, in what’s not only the final face-off of the top two football teams this season, but the ultimate thrown-down of the who’s who in commercials. And you don't have to wait until the Super Bowl to watch it, the video is included here.
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  • Who wins the Super Bowl…of real estate?

    Redfin deflates Patriots' homeowners
    The players on the field will decide who wins this weekend's Super Bowl, but who wins the battle off the field? Who has bragging rights no matter what happens in the game? Bostonians or Seattleites?
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  • We love these Superbowl ads

    And look at how Denver and Seattle stack up in a housing head-to-head
    The stock market is bleeding, so take a two-minute break for a little Superbowl preview and ads that will touch the heart or make you laugh.
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