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  • The Power of Face-to-Video for Distressed Borrower Counseling

    One of the reasons that mortgage brokers were so important (and will be again, in my opinion) is that when people engage in a transaction as large as a home mortgage, they like to do it face to face. That forced national lenders to recruit, train and manage large third party origination networks to sit down with prospective borrowers and walk them quickly through the process.
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  • Treating Symptoms in the Housing Industry

    I recently read this opening paragraph in a story I found in a back-issue of ESPN The Magazine: “Death is delivered pink. The lethal liquid that's injected into the jugular of broken-down racehorses is always colored. That way, a vet can find it quickly. That way, it can't be mistaken for any other drug. There's no time for fumbling when a 1,200-pound animal has suffered a catastrophic injury -- a broken leg or a fractured ankle.”
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