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  • Politics, like mortgage lending, is a thankless job

    The mid-term elections are over and many new politicians are getting ready to settle into new offices in Washington and many other state capitals, cities, towns and boroughs across the country. Political upheaval is often the byproduct of over-promising change and the lackluster delivery of the same. The new crop of politicians will learn this lesson soon enough, a lesson that most successful loan originators learned long ago. As they do, they'll learn that the sweet smell of success that comes from winning at the polls often has a pretty nasty aftertaste.
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  • Treating Symptoms in the Housing Industry

    I recently read this opening paragraph in a story I found in a back-issue of ESPN The Magazine: “Death is delivered pink. The lethal liquid that's injected into the jugular of broken-down racehorses is always colored. That way, a vet can find it quickly. That way, it can't be mistaken for any other drug. There's no time for fumbling when a 1,200-pound animal has suffered a catastrophic injury -- a broken leg or a fractured ankle.”
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