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  • PhysicianLoans rolls out $750,000 mortgages with no down payment, for doctors only

    Lender says physicians maintain near perfect delinquency rate
    PhysicianLoans, an Ohio-based mortgage lender that specializes in loans for medical professionals, announced recently that it is now offering a $750,000 mortgage with no down payment requirement and no private mortgage insurance. The loan is available to medical doctors, dentists and veterinarians, only.
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  • Sick Over Defaults and Filing for Bankruptcy

    While Senate Bill 61, which may provide bankruptcy judges the ability to modify mortgage agreement, remains stuck in committee, the relationship of bankruptcy to mortgage default remains a hot issue. The "Helping Families Save Their Homes in Bankruptcy Act 2009" aims to protect borrowers who are recently made bankrupt. But what exactly would make a family need to file for this protection in the first place? And what do these families look like?
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