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  • HomeStar Property Solutions officially opens Texas office

    Will keep growing operations
    "It's an important next step for HomeStar," said Bradley Trapnell, senior vice president of business development for HomeStar, who helped establish the Dallas location. "There are many incentives to having an office in Dallas; being close to mortgage servicing and investor clients, and having access to a tremendous base of industry talent was chief among them."
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  • Amy Winehouse and the mortgage funk

    Seen circulating around mortgage trading desks today -- set to Amy Winehouse's "Rehab:" They want to make me try to refi, but the Bank said - No-No-No! Documents I lack, but once my LTV comes back. You will know-know-know. I haven't paid on time, but the Treasury thinks I'm fine. They want to make me try to and refi, but the Bank said - No-No-No! I've got a 7% FHA, ain't paid it in 90 days Cause there's nothing, nothing the bank can do... to reach me Unless they come take my keys...away!
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