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  • In Massachusetts, a Temporary Lull in Foreclosures

    A new law in Massachusetts helped push foreclosure filings to a near-record low in May, with the state recording just 392 filings during the month according to state-wide data service Last month's filings dropped nearly 89 percent from April's record 3,414 filings, the company said; but the drop is likely only temporary.
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  • New Foreclosures Set Record in Massachusetts

    Foreclosure rates in Massachusetts continued to hit new record levels during the first quarter, a report from statewide foreclosure data provider said on Wednesday. More than 9,000 properties entered into foreclosure during the quarter, a 37.6 percent increase over one year earlier, and the third consecutive record-breaking quarter.
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  • Bay State Foreclosures Nearly Double in February

    A new report shows that foreclosure filings in Massachusetts continue to escalate at a record-setting pace, reaching a new high in February. According to, 2,227 foreclosures were initiated statewide during February 2007, 85 percent more than the number recorded in February 2006. Over the past 12 months, lenders initiated foreclosure proceedings against 21,644 homeowners, representing an 82 percent increase over the same period a year earlier.
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  • Mass Foreclosures Hitting the Bay State

    Foreclosure filings in Massachusetts continued to escalate at a record-setting pace, reaching a new high water-mark in January. According to a report released today by, 2,207 foreclosures were initiated statewide during January 2007, more than double the number recorded in January 2006. Lenders have initiated foreclosure proceedings against 20,618 homeowners over the past 12 months, representing a 77 percent increase over the same period a year earlier, the report said.
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  • Massachusetts 2006 Foreclosures Set Record

    Foreclosure filings in the state of Massachusetts reached an all-time high during 2006, with 19,487 foreclosures initiated during the year. The annual total for 2006 eclipses the previous record high of 17,000, set in 1991 during that state's last major housing slump, according to a report released today by Foreclosures increased statewide by nearly 70 percent compared to 2005, and have more than doubled since 2004. 11,493 foreclosures were filed during 2005, and 8,689 were filed in 2004.
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