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  • The Daily Show Takes on Wall Street Bonuses

    New year, same problems. The Daily Show's effervescent Jon Stewart offers a biting, sardonic look at both the state of the economy and the growing distrust of big banks by many consumers. "If you still have a job, your boss is now allowed to sleep with your spouse, no questions asked," Stewart jokes, in reference to the nation's 10+ percent unemployment rate and how lucky many employees are to still be gainfully employed.
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  • Jon Stewart and Jim Cramer: Winner is?

    Hands down it was Stewart in perhaps the most awkward and entertaining late night interview in at least five years, Thursday night on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Stewart and crew have turned up the volume a notch on criticism against CNBC in recent days, and last night's episode was the latest high note in what has become a long-running feud between the two. Here's Part 1 of the interview:
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